NBA 2K23 Shooting Cheats


NBA 2K23 Shooting Cheats


How to shoot like a pro in NBA 2K23

The basics

For the most part, the basics of shooting are still the same as the previous year. You can still shoot jumpers, layups, and dunks by simply holding the shot button or the pro stick. But this year taking risky shots from deep will contribute much more to your success.

The shot meter

The shot meter is back. When starting a jumper, you will see the shot meter fill up. The box inside the meter is the “make window”. You will have to release the shot button or the pro stick when the meter is inside the make window to make the shot.

The closer you are to the center of the make window (indicated by the small has mark), the greater your chances of successfully knocking down the shot.





The size of make window

The make window will expand or shrink depending on your player rating, badges, energy level, and defensive coverage. Taking open shots with high-rated players will be much easier to hit.

Once you get enough practice, try turning the shot meter off. If you can still get the shoots off with no meter, you will get a sizable boost to your shooting percentages.

The finishers

Now, if you prefer finishers over jumpers, we got you covered too! Hold the shot button or move and the pro stick in any direction while approaching the basket in close or mid-range. You will perform a finisher.

The dunks

For a dunk, perform the same input as a finisher but keep the sprint trigger held when you attempt the shot. If your player ratings are high enough and you have an open lane, you will perform a dunk.