Little Orpheus Cheats and Tips


Little Orpheus Cheats and Tips


Get used to jump timing

When playing Little Orpheus, prepare yourself for a ton of jumping. You’ll be hopping from platform to platform, climbing vines are other things on your journey. A good old tap of the screen will get you to perform a jump. Sure, it seems easy, but with so much ascending that’s required, you just never know. 

Let’s face it, how many times have we played a game where we clumsily mistimed our jumps and ended with an embarrassing death? And if not death, then starting all the way from the bottom again where you need to climb back up. 

So get comfortable with Ivan’s running speed, and get those jumps down as best you can. This, especially if you’re climbing great heights. The nice thing is that anywhere on the screen will get you to hop, so there’s no specific on-screen button that can accidentally be missed when trying to press it. And we all know what happens when we miss the button. A big “whoops” and big slip. 

Pay attention to sounds

Little Orpheus recommends that you wear headphones when playing the game and for good reason. You’ll be able to take in the cool audio and hear the great music that plays too. But, maybe, more importantly, it’s a good way to know if something is about to happen.

For example, if you hear what sounds like something breaking, it might be wise to move out of the way so you don’t get crushed. Of course, you can kind of see some of these things coming too, but being able to hear them can be very helpful.

When you wear headphones, the sound is crystal clear too, so it’ll make things easier when you’re trying to keep an eye (and ear) out for things. Listening is a skill, a wise man once said. Utilize that skill to your advantage, comrade.

Enjoy the scenery

Just a fun tip. Little Orpheus has some of prettiest scenery you’ll see on an Apple Arcade game. From pre-historic jungles to deserts and even the ocean, there are so many locations. What’s cool about the game is that it has the visuals of a console game, but is made with the iPhone in mind. It’s a pure, mobile experience. 

And with the many views, you can definitely take advantage of your iPhone’s screen capture feature. These screengrabs could make for some sweet wallpapers or social media cover photos. Could have some great gameplay recording opportunities too. 

Just slide that control panel up on your phone, and press record. However you choose to save visuals from the game, there will be plenty of moments where you’ll want to do it. In fact, if there are no enemies nearby, feel free to stay in one spot, take in the views, and snap the photos.