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Jack Move Cheats


Jack Move guide: Best software to buy

Hyperderm is a major upgrade to your healing powers. Costing 3500 it heals you a “large” amount, and although the early healing spell Intravene costs less Data (costing 4 data compared to the 15 Hyperderm uses), it’s just better to get it early so when the enemy levels ramp up and hit harder, you’re ready to heal larger amount of health when you need it.

Brute Force is an excellent early game piece of software to grab as it allows you to “Hack an enemy multiple times”. Should you find yourself in a level and low on data (or mana/magic to most people), this means you can get multiple standard physical attacks in without losing even more. This kind of software can be the difference between success and failure, and given that a death means you lose 15% of your level progress, it can be a lifesaver.

Megahurt is probably the most obvious name for any “spell” in an RPG ever, but this basically increases your physical damage. It costs 16 data, which is pretty high, but the software itself is only 2500 in the shop. This will help you whittle boss health down far quicker, and combined with Brute Force (above) you’ll do a lot of damage without using too much software data.

System Cycle costs 8000, so it slightly higher cost than most of our choices, but removing negative status effects is a must in any RPG. It’s a simple piece of software, but essential to at least have upon your person, even if it’s not always equipped. Given you can change software mid-fight with the cache command, this one is important to have.

Poison Cache costs 5000, and is exactly what you expect it to be. Costing a large 25 data, it poisons the target, so you can focus on another opponent on the battlefield while their health is gradually reducing each turn. It’s excellent for when you have a lot of enemies on the screen at once and are struggling to manage them.

Best hardware to get early

Counter-Hack is a must buy piece of hardware. The description is “Enables the Counter-Hack subsystem. Automatically retaliate against any incoming attacks with a low strength physical strike”. If it didn’t sound obvious enough, this means you will counter every attack made against Noa with a weaker than usual “hack” physical attack. Early on you’ll be doing around 90-100 damage for this retaliation attack, but it means you are pretty much always doing damage, no matter what the situation. As you progress this one becomes less useful as the damage numbers just don’t stack high enough, but as an early piece of hardware it’s a must. That said, it contributes to your Jack Move special ability, so even later-game isn’t a bad shout.

RAM + 8 pretty much does what it says on the tin. Equipping this means you get an extra eight RAM slots that will allow you to equip extra software (this game’s version of magic attacks) and give you more ways of dealing with multiple types of enemies. It’s not as essential as Counter-Hack for our money, but it’s a mid-priced piece of hardware (costs 8000) and gets you more choices without spending out on the higher end RAM + modules, while giving you more options than the lower ones.

Auto-Portscan is a godsent if you played lots of old fashioned RPGs, as it automatically shows you the enemy stats for every fight. It’ll cost a mere 4000, but compared to the regular Port Scan which only lasts per fight as it’s software based, it’s a far better investment than grabbing the software for 1000, so you should definitely think of getting the hardware version instead. Just be prepared to wait a bit, as this one requires level 15 to equip it.

Hijack is another serious contender for best hardware, costing only 2500, as it gives you a major buff. Simply put, Hijack means you always take the first turn in battle. When you’re early in Jack Move and facing 2-3 enemies at once, but can eliminate them easily with one move, this means you get off to a quick start. You’ll need to be level 10 to use Hijack, but you’ll unlock that within an hour of play, no hassle.