Temtem Cheats and Tips


Temtem Cheats and Tips


The Real Choice

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be presented with 3 Temtems. You’ll have to choose one of them to start your journey. They will be Crystile, Smazee, and Houchic. If you’re wondering about their abilities, here’s what they are,

Crystile is of the Crystal class. It is strong against Mental and Electric types. But if you’re against Earth and Fire types, then it will be weak. It has strong defense stats, so it should be your priority if you want a tank Temtem.

While checking out the first 3 Temtems, Professor Konstantinos tells you that specific Temtem. It is helpful information if you don’t choose it, you can catch it there later on.

Smazee is a Melle temtem. You’ll find that it is fairly stronger against the Crystal and Earth type Temtems. But it is weaker when fighting against Mental and Digital types. It has decent strength and defense stats. As for its location, Temtem’s Professor will tell you that he won it in a pub in Lochburg.

The third choice, Houchic, is a Metal type Temtem. It will fare great against Melee and Neutral types. But if it is fighting against Crystal, it won’t be of much use. Houchic is great for players who want to hop into the fight and pack a punch, and then it is great for you.

It might be a hard decision for some of you players. And if you feel like you should research which one to choose, we believe that’s the wrong way to do it. Go with whichever you feel like using at that moment. Every choice is great here as they are all beginner-friendly Temtems.







Fill Up The Supplies

You’ll come across different shops while exploring the world of the Archipelago. These shops sell some great items that will definitely come in handy. Out of these, you want to make sure that you always are stocked up on Balms. Balms heal your injured Temtems and keep them longer in fights. If you talk to Aina, she will come to your home and heal you.

As for the Smoke Bombs, they are great if things turn south. They will transport you to your most recent safe spot. Or it can be handy if you just want to take a break from a tiring battle.

With that being said, keep an eye on your Pansum, the currency in Temtem, as money will be tight unless you’re specifically grinding for it. Make sure that you aren’t buying supplies that you won’t even use in the game. If you aren’t careful, you’ll run out of Pansum.

When that happens, don’t worry; just take a deep breath and hop onto our guide on Best Ways to Make Money in Temtem.

Gotta Catch ‘em All

Your main goal should be to collect all Temtems. Not only will it give you the satisfaction of having a collection, but you’ll also get different squad Synergies. These synergies will end up giving you an advantage in a battle (which can be powerful). If you have a few synergies, you’ll note that they end up as the reason for your victory or defeat.

Apart from that, collecting different Temtems will let you have a varied team. They will turn out to be helpful in Dojo Wars. Don’t worry if you don’t plan on using Temtems in your squad. If you capture them, you’ll get to check their strength and weakness. It will help you plan your strategy.

Upgrading Storage

If you want to breed the best Temtem types, then you’ll need to have tons of Temtems. Or if you’re not a breeder but want to collect all the Temtems available, then quickly find out that you don’t have enough storage. Don’t worry, your dream of becoming the best breeder or the Collector can still come true. But you’ll have to do a particular side quest.

For this side quest, you’ll have to go to each of the islands and talk to the Temdeck Manager. To start the quest, you’ll have to talk to the Temdeck Manager at Brical de Mar. However, it is a tedious quest but starts to reward as soon as you get into it. With each island you visit, your storage will progressively increase.