The DioField Chronicle Cheats


The DioField Chronicle Cheats


In The DioField Chronicle, leveling up allows you to obtain Ability Points (AP) which can be used to unlock and improve a unit’s various passive skills. Most of these non-active Abilities grant characters increased HP, critical hit rate, damage output, and technique, making leveling up essential for taking on harder missions later on.

Ways to Earn Experience

Do missions

Doing as many missions as you can will let you farm enemies to earn experience. While you can gain a few levels by just going through the game’s main story, you will want to take the time to farm experience by redoing missions. This will pay off later on when you come up against challenging bosses during the late stages of the story campaign.

Farming experience by replaying levels also lets you grind money (Guld) you can use to purchase better gear or upgrade them at the base. Having some cash to spend on healing items is also a good thing at any point in the game.

Raise Meal Rank

To increase the experience for defeating enemies, try to raise your Meal Rank (Mercenary Unit Rank) up to Rank 4. Doing so will grant you a permanent increase in experience earned for each foe defeated by 10%. While this is not much, it will still help speed up leveling, especially during the early stages of the game.