Soulstice Cheats and Tips


Soulstice Cheats and Tips


Explore But Not for Too Long!

The game requires players to quickly and efficiently explore whilst keeping an eye on how long they’ve spent running around. Soulstice requires quick chapter progress to obtain the best score possible for the entire game overall of Diamond. But don’t be too headstrong in getting the perfect score at least on your initial run because other achievements will need your attention.

Outside of combat and running into sudden fights, void challenges are hidden in each level and are effectively tucked away. The challenge is not only within the void but locating them, so keep your eyes peeled on corners the fixed camera can obscure!

Collecting Crimson Tear Residue and Cobalt Tear Residue is also an absolute must in the game to spend on building Briar and Lute into the harmonic killing machines that they have the potential to be. Collecting the latter increases Briar’s abilities, whilst the former increases Lute’s powers and skills. These points can then be spent in Layton’s shop.

Spend time with Layton Conversing and Shopping

Speaking of Layton’s shop, here’s a breakdown of what you can buy from this elusive Observer of Briar and her Shade. Everything costs the points of Crimson Tear Residue other than the Cobalt Tear Crystal which requires Cobalt Tear Residue.

  • The Emerald Tear Shard restores a bit of health (can only carry five at a single time) and costs 350
  • Emerald Tear Crystal restores a lot of health (can only carry three at a single time) and costs 1,000
  • Ashes of a fallen Chimera revives Briar (can only carry two at a single time) and costs 3,000
  • Elixir of Clarity freezes Entropy temporarily (can only carry three at a single time) and costs 1,500
  • Incense of Harmony maximizes the Unity level (can only carry one at a single time) and costs 2,000
  • Forbearance Serum makes Briar temporarily invulnerable (can only carry one at a single time) and costs 3,000
  • Sturdy Husk Chunk -increases Briar’s health pool and costs 10,000 (is stocked at 4)
  • Iridescent Ethereal Weave decreases Entropy level (affects Lute and her ability to withstand overcharging) and costs 10,000 (is stocked at 4)
  • Cobalt Tear Crystal unlocks another section of Lute’s skill tree and costs 26,000 (is stocked at 2)

Always approach Layton whenever you see him since this does not only grant access to unlocking more skills and spending points in his shop in the middle of a chapter but also allows exclusive conversation and dialogue to occur when talking to him. Never skip doing this since they are heavily related to its story-building and lore.

Remember that You Can Cycle Through Your Inventory

Soulstice has a particular difficulty spike that occurs after beating the second boss and having to crank down on spending some Crimson Tear Residue in Layton’s shop. Fortunately, taking any amount of time exploring outside of battle does reward hidden items in certain crooks and crannies.

Either way, never forget to hold down the RB button and cycle through them, especially because you can hold onto only a few at a time! Passing some items by while being unable to backtrack out of boss fights may just be a minor grievance but it will still be something nagging on your mind. Ensure to utilise them whenever you see fit to make room for more when drastic times call for dramatic measures.