Return to Monkey Island Cheats and Tips


Return to Monkey Island Cheats and Tips (Hard Mode)


Prelude: An Unexpected Story Begins

  1. Enter the Scurvydogs building, snag the key, exit, open your inventory, grab the outhouse key, and use it to unlock the outhouse
  2. Examine the piece of metal on the floor, peel the slug off the floor, go back to Scurvydogs, place the key back, and give the slug to the vendor
  3. Exit right to meet Dee, examine the anchor, and challenge Chuckie to a race (win by holding a shoulder trigger while pressing down-right after the countdown)
  4. Examine the basket next to the couple, grab the bread while they’re blabbing, stand on the dock, and use the bread on the duck
  5. Pick up the ketchup blob to your right, use it on your Scurvydog, take a bite, head up, and interact with the ship to swordfight
  6. Search for a four-leaf clover after interacting with the sign, pick up the coin to the right, use it on the well, wish for whatever you want, open the gate, and talk to your dad

Part I: A Friendly Place

  1. Go down after the dialogue, enter Scumm Bar, take the trivia book, answer the trivia card in it (the kitchen), and then talk to the pirates to the right until Guybrush storms off
  2. Interact with the docks left of the bar, examine the job openings ad, exit after the dialogue, head right to Low Street, meet Elaine, enter the Mojo shop, get the hint book, and buy the knife and frog
  3. Back at Low Street, enter Wally’s shop, grab the monocle, exit Low Street to High Street, enter the jail, use the monocle on Otis’ lock, and exit
  4. Enter the locksmith’s, use the serial number on the locksmith, go back to the jail, use the key on Otis’ cell, exit, head all the way left, and exit to the island map
  5. Select the shipyard, snag the sponge at the end, exit, head to the forest, enter the museum, get the business card, and take the cracker mix from the storeroom
  6. Go all the way back to Scumm Bar, enter the kitchen, try to borrow the mop, go back to the map shop, grab another monocle, combine the 2 monocles, and talk to the owner
  7. Head back to Scumm Barr again, talk to the chef and the nightmare customer, go to the museum, use the double monocle on the lock, and make a key for it at the locksmith
  8. Read the election poster at the docks, enter the governor’s mansion, use the pen on the frog after the dialogue (choose Carla, book, admire, Catalina, and promise), and give the frog to Carla
  9. Borrow the ingredients book, give it to the chef, use the knife on the mop, show the sliver of wood to the map shop owner, head to the forest, and enter the deep dark forest
  10. Refer to the map to know which path to take (flower, mushroom, flower, flower, plant, mushroom, plant, plant, flower), use the knife on the mop tree, and combine the sponge with the mop handle
  11. Give the cracker mix to the locksmith for some crackers, go to the museum, give the crackers to the parrot, use the key on the display case, and take the eyepatch
  12. Head to LeChuck’s ship, equip the eyepatch, ask about a job, show the eyepatch to the Mojo shop owner, go to the dark forest, use the knife on a plant, and give it to the Mojo lady
  13. Back at LeChuck’s ship, put on the enchanted eyepatch, show the mop to the clipboard person, and say that you stole it

Part II: A Dangerous Journey

  1. Take the pamphlet and some chicken feed to the left of the ladder, open the crate, talk to Murray, pick up the mop, swab the grease, and put the grease on the 3 screws around the porthole
  2. Put the mop back, use the knife on the 3 screws, put 3 coats of grease on the porthole with the mop, squeeze through the porthole, climb the right ladder, and watch the cutscene
  3. Go back to the starting cabin, pick Murray up, head back to the top deck, descend the right stairs into the ship, and then use Murray on the laundry machine which will break it
  4. Use the screws on the laundry machine, use Murray on the laundry machine again, place Murray in the potion cauldron on the top deck, and climb up to the crow’s nest
  5. Look into the telescope to see a rival ship to the right, exhaust the dialogue with Flambe, go down, speak with Rose, and then show her the pamphlet
  6. Head up to the crow’s nest, talk to Flambe, descend into the ship, enter the left galley, talk with Putra until you acquire the promotion request, and enter LeChuck’s cabin to the right
  7. Enter LeChuck’s cabin again, show him the promotion request, and then use the report on the galley’s dishes, the hold’s greasy porthole, and the top deck’s spilled potion and potion supplies
  8. The final report can be made by heading left when you’re shimmying along the perimeter of the ship to find Gullet stuck in the rudder then give the completed report to Rose
  9. Combine the promotion request with the reports, hand it all over to LeChuck, give the promotion request to Putra, get her to make Scorched Alaska, pick it up, and go to the top deck
  10. Use your knife on the glowy stick next to the cannon, combine it with the Scorched Alaska, give it to Flambe at the crow’s nest, borrow the book, and give it to Bob at the top deck
  11. Head into the ship, speak with Flair, go back to Gullet at the rudder, pull the knife from his back, give it to Flair, head to the top deck, and ring the top-right bell once
  12. After the successful vote, ring the bell twice, sneak into LeChuck’s cabin, swap your mop map with the map on LeChuck’s desk, put Murray in the cannon at the top deck, and fire it

Part III: Return to Monkey Island

  1. Keep heading right, emerge on a beach, read LeChuck’s map from your inventory, pick up the left skull, head into the jungle, and check out the red berry bush
  2. Go right past the monkey hand, up past the wooden chicken, right past the bees, attempt to pick up the shovel, accept the offer, exit, and enter volcano beach to the left
  3. Pick up another skull, enter LeChuck’s ship after claiming a third skull underwater (climb the anchor chain), and head left to talk to Gullet at the rudder
  4. Help him write poetry by selecting “squirms”, “roses”, and “snack”, try to go to the top deck, head back to the island, and enter the right giant monkey head area
  5. Get another skull along the path, see Murray at the end, collect the arm bone, chat with your teammates, go back to Gullet, and show him the business card
  6. Give Gullet’s poems to your teammates, examine the book back at LeChuck’s ship, climb the ladder, talk to Putra at the galley, and call her a chef
  7. Enter LeChuck’s cabin, pick up his diary, examine it to see the catchphrase used on February 17, ring the bell at the top deck, go into the ship, and grab the sheet music to the left
  8. Exit the ship, use the knife on the beached squid, give the tentacle to Putra, collect the dish, exit to the island, enter the right shipwreck area, and pick up the skull
  9. Get the last skull on the island’s center cliff, talk to your teammates, place the skulls on the sticks to your right, and play them with the arm bone in this order: “Do Do Mi Sol Fa Fa Re”
  10. Next, enter the catchphrase “Shiver the quivering cutlasses!”, eat the food, collect Murray and the manual after the scenes, go to the shipwreck, and use the manual on the ship

Part IV: Things Get Complicated

  1. Head to Low Street, talk to the Mojo shop owner, exit, talk to the map shop owner after the dialogue for the sea map, and talk to the locksmith about Old Mrs. Smith for the probate order
  2. Enter the newly accessible fish shop to the right, ask the owner about Bella Fisher, interact with the flag on the ceiling, join the Chums, tell a story, and get the fishing lure
  3. Go back to Scumm Bar, show the lure to the pirate, choose whale and LeFlay, show the lure to the locksmith, choose Morgan for the new prompt, and then board your ship
  4. Sail to Scurvy Island, enter the camp, take the painting, note, and firewood, enter the lime grove that’s circled in the screenshot below, and get the flyer and some limes from Elaine
  5. Show your lure to Elaine, say it started to crack the ship in the new prompt and “I made a fishing line” in the other new one, and then sail north to Brrr Muda Island
  6. When you’re inspected, choose Guybrush Threepwood, only check the final box (below point 33), sign it, continue to Brrr Muda Island, and enter the left courthouse
  7. Show the probate order to the judge, head out to the island, enter the ice quarry, show your lure to the guard, answer the same albeit elaborated prompts, and then exit
  8. Go to the ice castle, climb all the way up, grab the matches from the shelf, talk to the Ice Queen, accept any challenge, and then enter the mezzanine (Contest of Intelligence room)
  9. Place the firewood into the fireplace, use the matches on the firewood, ring the triangle, and swap the papers once the queen looks to the left
  10. Read the fish of the day poster in the left room for the Contest of Heartiness, fail the Contest of Seriousness in the center-top room, and then sail to LeChuck’s ship
  11. Talk to Apple Bob, show your lure to him, choose the same prompts, steal Putra’s demon pepper, and then sail to Barebones Island and the adrift ship to talk to a few folks

Part IV: Continued

  1. Sail to Melee Island, enter the fish shop, show your lure, pick options 2, 3, 3, 3, and 2, take the flag, examine the purple fish, buy some toadfish, and sail to Terror Island
  2. Exit to the island, go to the mysterious clearing, take the lamp, use the matches on the lamp, enter the unlucky place, grab the key, and then enter the twisting path
  3. Use the knife on the sign at the end, use the silver key on the revealed lock, head inside, and keep picking up notes off the ground after entering random rooms until you have 5
  4. Read the sign in your inventory to warp out, examine the notes, and enter rooms with symbols that match the top-left, bottom-left, middle, bottom-right, and then top-right
  5. Jump into the water, read the sign to warp out, sail to LeChuck’s ship, use the lamp on Flambe, go back to the twisted path, jump in the water again, go right, meet Herman after falling down, take his key, and read the sign to warp
  6. Sail to Scurvy Island, enter the lime grove with the bird, use the demon pepper on the fish, toss some fish at the bird, take the picture, and combine it with the frame
  7. Talk to Elaine, sail to Melee Island, enter the shipyard, take the toothbrush and picture, and combine the picture with the frame then make it look like Guybrush is kissing Stan’s hand
  8. Sail to Brrr Muda, enter the ice quarry, ask to visit Stan, show the guard the frame, head inside, and talk to Stan at the end
  9. Show the flyer to Stan, sail to Barebones Island, show the judge’s order, take the records, show them to the judge at Brrr Muda’s town center, and exhaust the dialogue
  10. Examine the records twice, combine the license with the frame then place it to the right of Guybrush, show the fake license to the judge, and show the extended sentence to Stan
  11. Use the double monocle on Stan’s shackles, make a key for them at Melee Island’s locksmith, go all the way back to free Stan, and then take the pamphlet

Part IV: Part III

  1. Show the pamphlet to the folks on the adrift ship, grab the flag, sail away, snag the picture at Barebones Island, and enter the museum on Melee Island
  2. Feed crackers to each parrot, unlock the display case, steal the flag and examine it, re-enter the museum, open the case to trigger the alarm, and steal the real flag from the storeroom
  3. Combine any of the 2 flags, enter the governor’s mansion, ask Carla about the line of people, say you want to rebuild local businesses, and get a new box of toadfish at the fish shop
  4. Give the IOU to the crying chef at Scumm Bar, take the cookbook, put it back in the governor’s mansion, borrow The Endless Tale, and then give it to Bob on LeChuck’s ship
  5. Sail to Brrr Muda and enter the town hall, attempt the Contest of Seriousness, and tell the queen a joke by using the joke book
  6. Place the toadfish into the bucket at the Contest of Heartiness room, season the bucket with demon pepper, initiate the contest, and put an unseasoned fish on your plate from your inventory
  7. Sail to Melee Island, take the drink from Scumm Bar (if it’s “gross” then re-enter and take a new drink), enter the fish shop, take a swig of the drink, and then examine the blowfish
  8. Blow up the blowfish from your inventory, sail to Bella Fisher’s secret fishing spot (the X), drop anchor, climb down, and inhale from the blowfish when you have the chance
  9. Grab the key to the right, head back up, weigh the anchor, sail to Melee Island, and talk to Widey Bones above the fish shop
  10. Return to the hold in LeChuck’s ship, examine the chicken with the key in it, feed it some ghost chicken feed, leave, re-enter, take the key, head back to the Mojo shop, and insert all 5 golden keys

Part V: Beneath the Monkey Head

  1. Talk to Wally and Flambe, jump down, head left after the door closes, and give the monkey statues crackers, the knife, the double monocle, and the empty grog mug (pick up 3 coins along the way)
  2. Enter the now-open door, collect a 4th coin, give the first monkey statue 1 coin, the 2nd gets 2, pick up another coin off the floor, and the 3rd gets 2 plus your coin purse
  3. Take the knife and mug back from the first monkeys, head down to the bottom, go right this time, use the knife on the first 2 monkeys, fill the mug at either, and use the full mug on the 3rd drain
  4. Head inside the new door, examine the stone slab, look above the 3 doors you opened and note the faces and date, and then change the wheel to match those faces and the date
  5. Finally, change the date 4 times (to 1690), rotate the inner face wheel 2 times, the outer one 3 times, go in the door, grab the popcorn, and exit the alleyway
  6. Grab the key to the left, open the chest with it, use the key ring on all 4 power switches, and leave with Elaine