Session: Skate Sim Cheats and Tips


Session: Skate Sim Cheats and Tips


 Pin your starting spot

Repeating the same trick over and over again until you nail it can take a lot of time, especially when you’re struggling to get it right. To be able to get back to the spot you started out so you can try again is vital in removing the frustrations of failing. Get to a place in front of the area you want to do your trick i.e. ten metres before the stairway, press down on the D-pad. Now, whenever, you fall over, you can now press up on the D-Pad to go straight back to the spot you tagged.

The trick display is your friend

Knowing what moves you’re performing is hard unless you’re a skateboarder yourself. Differentiating between a backside 180 or a pop shovit is so much easier with the Trick Display on. Simply go into your options, then Display, then turn on the Trick Display. Now, every time you pull off a move, it’ll be displayed in the bottom right of the screen.

Check the trick list

Most missions have you trying to perform a variety of tricks, and unless you’ve already performed them, there’s no obvious way to known how unless you check the trick list in the menu. Once you’ve found the Skate Guide, a variety of lists from standard tricks to more complex ones, along with all the various grinds are on display, meaning you’ve got some idea on how to perform them.

Reprogram your brain

It’s quickly discovered that this isn’t another Tony Hawk’s rip-off. The controls are very different, but understanding the basics with a simple hack helps to get you familiar with the simulated controls. Think of it as left controls, left boy, and right controls, right body. The left stick controls you left foot on the board, and the left trigger turns you left. The right stick controls your right foot, and the right trigger turns you right. Once that’s programmed in your head, learning how to ollie, turn on the board, and perform tricks becomes a lot easier.

Make use of the environment

Using every ledge, stairwell, and lip in the various locations is a great way to learn your craft. Instead of travelling to the mission waypoint, go off on your own and experiment in all areas of the environment. You just might fight the perfect spot to pull off a trick, taking away the pressure of only practicing it where the mission is telling you to.