Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL Cheats and Tips


Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL Cheats and Tips


Determine A Threat List

Determining a threat list is one of the easiest ways to secure victory. During the first turn, note which cards your opponents have summoned and played. These cards typically give you a hint as to what cards they intend to play in the coming turns.

For instance, if your opponent summons several Blue-Eyes monsters, there’s a high likelihood that they’re playing a Blue-Eyes deck. This means you’ll need to watch out for cards that allow for faster summoning of larger Blue-Eyes monsters, like Blue-Eyes White Dragon, that you’ll have to contend with.

Knowing what your opponent’s cards do can help you determine what order you need to kill their monsters in and what their win conditions are. For instance, Red Dragon Archfiend decks require a lot of Tuner monsters to complete their combos. So if you can take out their Tuners, the deck will have a lot more difficulty hitting its stride.

You’ll also need to consider what cards you play in what zones based on your opponents’ moves. Since each monster Zone can only attack one monster, you’ll need to determine which monsters you play to defend against which players.

Special Summon Often

“Special Summoning” is a type of summon that encompasses many sub-types such as Synchro and Fusion summoning. This type of summon is exceptionally important in Yu-Gi-Oh! because it doesn’t count towards your summon-per-turn limit.

While playing a monster from the hand to the field uses one of your three summons, Special Summons don’t. So, utilizing Special Summons can help you bring your deck into full stride faster and help you defeat your opponents.

Additionally, many decks rely heavily on Special Summoning. Red Dragon Archfiend decks are centered strongly around Synchro Summoning large monsters. So you can target your opponent’s critical monsters to prevent them from Synchro summoning. Furthermore, you may consider picking a deck that is largely based on Special Summoning. Since Cross Duel allows for three normal summons per turn, up from the one allowed in the TCG, you’ll have exceptionally easy access to Synchro and Fusion summoned monsters that you can use to defeat your opponents easily.

However, if your special summoned monsters are Synchro, Fusion, XYZ, or Link Monsters, remember that you won’t be able to summon them unless you draw them, unlike in the TCG.

Remember The Unique Spell And Trap Card Rules

Spells and Traps work a little differently in Cross Duel compared to the TCG. When using a spell in Cross Duel, you have to play it from your hand on your turn. Unlike in other Yu-Gi-Oh! formats, you can’t set Spell Cards to play later, or on your opponents’ turns.

Trap Card rules remain largely the same. Trap Cards must be set on your turn and cannot be played on the turn they are set. However, Trap Cards can be played on any of the players’ turns and the card must only be set for one of any players’ turns before it can be played. So if you set a trap card on your turn, you can play it starting on the next player’s turn.

This is one rule change that is liable to trip up a lot of veteran players who are used to setting Quickplay Spells and using the TCG Spell Speed rules.

Remember That There’s Only One Main Phase

This one is more for the veteran Yu-Gi-Oh! players than the new recruits, but remember that Cross Duel only has one Main Phase. Veteran TCG players are often used to playing spells, traps, and monsters in both the First and Second Main Phases. In fact, many TCG decks have specific strategies that utilize both Main Phases to build combos.

However, Cross Duel has only one Main Phase. So ensure that you’ve finished everything you want to do before entering the next phase. As you won’t get a second Main Phase like you normally would in the TCG.