One Punch Man: The Strongest Cheats and Tips


One Punch Man: The Strongest Cheats and Tips (LDPlayer)


Change the Mode


First One Punch Man: The Strongest tips we have for you are how to increase your gold income and SSR drop rate. To improve this, you should click on all the characters in your home to change their mode. By default, they are in unhappy mode; If you want more gold, you have to click on each of your characters until they become happy. This also affects your banner pulls; you have a higher chance of dropping SSR heroes if your heroes mode is happy.


Clicking on them one by one is a bit tedious, but if you are playing on LDPlayer 9, you can use its Operation Record feature to click on them. To do this, when you are in the game, press F10 to start Recording, click on every hero once and stop the recording by pressing F10 again. Now go to the settings of the created operation by clicking on the gear symbol next to the play button.


Now put the tick mark on the run until manually stop option and change the speed to 3x; make sure to save after. Now run the record; it will make the heroes happy faster. You have to create one each time you log in to the game because heroes change their position, but it beats the process of clicking them manually.

Do Not Focus On Just the SSR Units


This One Punch Man: The Strongest tips are for free-to-play players. If you are lucky enough, you will get at least 2 to 3 SSR heroes but having just two is enough to make a good team. Many SR characters can support you if you level them and gear them correctly. Try to get all SSR heroes not only to drain your diamond reserve but also makes you frustrated and eventually lead you to quit the game.


But if you are hell-bent on getting many SSR characters, you can use the LDPlayer Multi-instance Sync feature and Multi-Instance Manager to reroll. First, download the LDPlayer 9 and have the game installed. Now open LDMultiplayer, create as many clones as you want, and run all the clones through the batch option.


Once all the clones are open, run the game on all clones and select a clone as your main window. Now press Ctrl+9 to start the sync, then play the game, and you will see all the accounts play as you would. Now stop where you have enough to pull on the banner, choose the best account, and sync it to your account.


The Heroes to Be Focused


As we mentioned earlier, try to get at least two SSR units, but it will be more challenging because percentages are so low. But if you are not lucky enough, try to choose the account with the following SSR units.


  • Golden Ball
  • Dr. James
  • Beast King 
  • Sky King 
  • Mosquito Girl


SSR, you could try

  • Terrible Tornado
  • Atomic Samurai 
  • Carnage Kabuto 
  • Deep sea King 
  • Child Emperor

Recycling units


This One Punch Man: The Strongest tips for something most players miss. Have you ever wondered what the figurine section is for? No, it is not just a decoration; if you read what it says at the bottom of the figurine section, it shows details about some buffs. 


These are not only added to the heroes on the shelf; they will be applied to all of your heroes. This buff increases by the amount of target you have covered, so ensure not to recycle your low-level heroes until you meet all your targets.

Download the LDPlayer here