Valkyrie Elysium Cheats and Tips


Valkyrie Elysium Cheats and Tips


1. Exploit weaknesses to Crush your foes

Every enemy in VALKYRIE ELYSIUM has at least two weaknesses – one elemental and one for weapons.

For example, Violet Dracos are weak against fire and your Alfodr sword. By using this weapon and the Fire Lance Divine Skill, you can deal massive amounts of damage and take down the enemy much faster.

Elemental attacks have another advantage too. Attacking foes with their elemental weakness will fill up a gauge on the left side of their health bar. Once this gauge is full, they will go into the Elemental Crush state.

This will stun them and make them completely defenseless – easy pickings for the Valkyrie.

All enemies can be crushed, but it’s particularly important against bosses, who can move fast and hit hard. What’s more, if you use an elemental Divine Skill on a boss while it’s in a Crushed state, you’ll immobilize them even longer. Just bear in mind that once it recovers you won’t be able to refill its elemental gauge for a while.

2. Learn weapon combos

By chaining together different combinations of light and heavy attacks, you can dish out different combos – everything from quick hits to sustained assaults. Knowing what they are, and when to use them, will give you a massive edge in battle. Plus the better you know the combos, the more stylish you’ll look in battle.

For example, with the Alfodr sword, a light attack followed immediately by a heavy attack launches an enemy into the air. That’s great for interrupting their attacks, and even opens the door for a follow-up aerial attack if you’re fast enough.

Alternatively, you can whale on the enemy with a series of four light attacks and finish off with a heavy for a long combo that deals tons of damage.

If you want to see the combos available, you can choose ‘Action Display’ in the Equip menu to see a selected weapon’s combos. Bear in mind that every weapon type has its own combos, and new ones will unlock as you level up these armaments, so make sure to try out these new techniques and work them into your combat strategy.





3. Focus on ranged enemies first

There are many different enemy types in VALKYRIE ELYSIUM, but perhaps the most disruptive are those with ranged attacks.

Sure, foes like the bow-wielding Hollow Hunters may not be the biggest threat on the field damage-wise, but they can interrupt your attacks, break your flow, knock you down and generally be a nuisance.

We recommend taking these foes out first if you can. Close in fast and take them down and you’ll be able to give the rest of the enemies your undivided attention – without worrying about dodging pot-shots from afar.

4. Watch out for unpurified souls

Sometimes, when you kill an enemy, their soul will linger in the area. If another enemy absorbs these souls, their abilities will be boosted significantly. You don’t want to get hit by one of these soul-fueled foes because it’s going to really hurt.

To avoid this pain, try to purify these souls before they reach another monster. How do you do that? By attacking them of course!

A simple stab from your weapon, and the soul will vanish from the battlefield, freeing you from the stress and danger of amped-up enemies.

5. Use the Soul Chain… but do so carefully

The Soul Chain lets the Valkyrie pull herself towards objects and enemies with a magical tether. It’s a fantastic way to close distance and get up close and personal with foes – it’s great for getting to flying enemies, for example.

Soul Chain is fast, accurate and looks really freakin’ cool too. But be careful – there is an art to using it well. For example, make sure you’re locked onto your target, otherwise you may zip towards a closer opponent instead.

More importantly, time your Soul Chain carefully. You’re vulnerable while using it – if a nearby enemy attacks while you’re activating it, or an archer shoots you with an arrow mid-flight, it’ll interrupt your tether and bring you back to earth with a disappointing bump.