The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow Cheats


The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow Cheats


The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow Achievements

Miss-able achievements

These are achievements based on dialogue options, interactions with specific non-quest items or that you might otherwise not get during an ordinary playthrough. In approximate order:

The Slap: When you are propositioned in the opening act, slap Arthur.

An Ode to Tondbert: Clicking on the paintings in the Plough will get you this one. It pops after either clicking all of them or the one featured in the achievement image (right side of the room).

A Curious Collection: Click on all of the decorative plates in the Plough.

A Moment of Reflection: Sit on the bench looking out over the moors.

Rest: Continue sitting on the bench until this pops.

Feathered Friend: Pick up one of the hens outside Shoulder’s cottage.

The Scholar/The Fool: Get all of Father Roache’s Shakespeare questions right (The Scholar)/wrong (The Fool). The answers are Richard II, Othello, Romeo & Juliet. Get either all or none of these for the relevant achievement. These are mutually exclusive so to get both achievements you’ll either need to save & load to play through the scenario a second time or get the one you didn’t get the first time on a second playthrough.

Scandalmonger: The moment you are given the option to divulge Father Roache’s medical problems that he told you about in confidence, do so.

Hob’s Barrels: This pops after you’ve drunk a number of ales (I’m not sure of the exact number). Dithering on the quest to get into the post office is a good way to buy a lot of drinks in a short time.

Herbert: This should pop when you interact with Herbert when he is on your room on the morning of the third day. I’m not sure whether it’s related to this specific interaction or getting every interaction with Herbert and this just happens to be the last one.

Hellebore: After you’ve completed the quest where you rescue the milkman, go back to the scene of the crime and collect the flowers. Present them to Mother Mildred.

Romance on the Moors: At the end of the quest where you procure some tarts, when James asks you to join him on the moors for a picnic, do so.

Dauntless: Once you’ve done the quest to fetch the flowers for a grave and you’re asked whether you are afraid of death, answer that you are not.

Zoolinguist: Immediately after the confrontation with Arthur and James in the alley near the end, interact with the horse.

Story achievements

These pop automatically as you progress through the story and complete story-essential quests. These are un-missable in a full playthrough. You will get them in (approximately) the following order:

Arrival (Arrive at Bewlay at the start of the game)
Into The Night
 (Beginning of day one at Bewlay)

The Bloodletter
Fossil Collector
Hob’s Barrow
 (Beginning of day two at Bewlay)

A Family Connection?
The Mystery Man Revealed
Permission Granted
The Abandoned Fiddle
The Swap
Eunice the Provider
 (achieved when you’ve visited all of the areas listed in the map)

INCANTAMENTUM (Beginning of day three at Bewlay)
The Seal is Broken
The Goat Below
Ceasing of the Racket
 (Beginning of the final chapter)

The Final Descent
Abraxas Rex
 (Complete the game)