Champions: Return to Arms Cheats


Champions: Return to Arms Cheats


Easy Dozekar Kill Glitch

For this glitch to work you need tons of arrows or mana potions, or a lot of patience. Run up to Dozekar until he breathes fire directly at you. Back step while gaurding until you get to a “Sweet Spot”. this is where Dozekar will continue to breathe fire at you, but you are at a distance where it doesnt hit you and you dont need to block. Without moving, you can just unload arrows, axes, or magic into him until he dies.

Infinite Attribute Points

This is easiest to do after the very first mission. After you fight the first boss you should get the message to press select for a level up. DON’T PRESS SELECT. Instead continue through the portal and go to the bonus round with the four horsemen. Now as soon as you enter press select and distribute your 3 attribute points. The skill point you have to place WILL NOT carry over so put it anywhere. Now let the enemy kill you. Select try again and your exp meter will be full again. Press select and you will see that the 3 points you put there last time are still there but you have 3 more to distribute……..repeat as desired.

Item dupe

YOu can easily duplicate any items you have in a single player game. Just simply save the gave of the charcter with the item you want to duplicate. Then start a new game, choose the missions, then import the charcter with the item you want to duplicate. Then import a charcter you want to give the duplicate item to. This CAN be the same character. Drop all the items off the first charcter, have the second one pick them up. Save the game. Then create another new game,importing the second charcter. He will start the game with the items, and the first charcter will also still have those same items. You can use this to give godly equipment to new charcters, over and over again, making infinite money.

Starting the game with both the Archaeologist’s Shovel and the Words of Spiritual Harmony

Normally, when you start a new game after finishing in adventurous or any other difficulty, you don’t have any quest item any more. 

This glitch must be done the 1st time you do the Faydark Forest’s mission.
Enter the Faydark Forest and take the archaeologist’s shovel. Once you complete what you had to do, return to Firiona or Natasla to access the plane of nightmare. In that zone, pick up the words of spiritual harmony and when it’s done leave this mission to return to the Faydark Forest. In the mission you restart, break/open everything and you’ll have a 2nd archaeologist’s Shovel. But this time, you’ll be able to get the bloodstone of Faydark thanks to the words of spiritual harmony. Once it’s completed. Do the plane of nightmare’s mission and pick up also everything. You’ll have 2 words of spiritual harmony too. Next, go to the last area and kill the last boss. Save your game and import your character in couragous mode. You won’t have any quest item anymore except the game only removed 1 archaeologist’s shovel and 1 word of spiritual harmony on the 2 you had in adventurous mode. Do this glicth in couragous to start with these items on champion difficulty. And do that in champion too to have these items when starting on legendary difficulty.


Powerleveling characters

With this little trick, it’s possible to increase the levels of a brand new character rapidly. You need a high level character that has finished Legendary (Cazic Thule may be a bit easier, although this works with either final boss). You will also need a two player game. Although you can do this outside of the final boss battle, you can do a bit of farming while you’re at it. 

Start the final battle as normal. If your new character gets killed, s/he will still get the experience from the battle, so you do not need to worry about keeping the new one alive. Kill the final boss like normal and collect all of the goodies he drops, minus the final Innoruuk shard. Once you do that, exit the mission via the Pause menu and you’ll be back at the stage select screen. Pick another mission, exit that one and go back to the final boss. You can now repeat this over and over to powerlevel your new character. You should be gaining about a level per kill well throughout the high 20s and low 30s.