Chaos Legion Cheats


Chaos Legion Cheats


Unlock Arcia, Extra Game Modes, and Menus

When you complete the game under these conditions, certain secrets will be unlocked.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Unlock All Movies Complete the game once to unlock all movies in “Extra” menu.
Unlock Arcia Complete the game on “Normal” difficulty.
Unlock Hard Difficulty Complete the game on “Normal” difficulty.
Unlock Language Option Complete the game once and it will be available under “Option”.
Unlock LIV Special PV Complete the first stage in the game to unlock this short documentary movie in “Extra” menu.
Unlock Super Mode Complete the game on “Hard” difficulty. With “Super Mode” turned on when you start a “New Game”, everyone dies in one hit even Sieg.
Unlock Total Results Complete the game once to unlock “Total Results” in “Extra” menu.


Get Experience Points Faster

If you have completed level 12, The Sacred Capital of Rotari, all monsters in previous stages will have changed.

Go back to Stage 7, Misty Ravine. Once there, get within range of the first sword wielding enemy. Wait for them to charge, and then when they are about to attack you, use the Ground Zero manuever (must have the Guilt Legion equipped or have the Guilt Spirit Trancer).

It will not only kill the enemy in one blow, but give you a little over 48,000 experience points. You can continue using this method until the enemies stop reappearing and move on through the stage. It is time consuming, though. This is very useful if you are trying to level up your Legions.