Road Trip Cheats


Road Trip Cheats


Climb up most surfaces

A tiny glitch in collision detection allows you to climb up most angled surfaces and obstacles, otherwise unclimable, with any set of tires, not just the Big Tires.

To do this, simply drive parallel to the surface and try to nudge one of your front tires onto the wall. When that tire is completely on the wall, press O (reverse) and push your D-pad towards the wall. In reverse, your car is capable of climbing nearly any surface except for those at nearly a 90 degree angle.

Super-Fast Rock Climbing

The game’s glitchy physics engine makes another loophole for completing one of the many minigames, Rock Climbing. To use the exploit, equip yourself with Big Tires (50 ChoroQ Coins), Wing Set (Underwater Temple), and a Jet Engine (Papaya Island). At the start signal, drive straight towards the wall and position yourself so the first ramp up the mountain is directly infront of you. Press L1 so your wings will slow your descent and just gun straight into the mountain with engine and jets blazing. If you did it right, the first time your car hits a bump it should fly all the way to the top of the screen and keep moving forward with the momentum. The goal is to beat the game in under 2 minutes, with this trick it would be difficult to finish in more than 10 seconds.

Choro Q Coin Gifts

Once Coine has built a house in My City, you can bring him the Choro Q coins you’ve found throughout your adventure for gifts. The gifts are as follows:
Unlockable How to Unlock
Big Tires 50 Coins
Hyper Chassis 80 Coins
Hyper Engine 100 Coins
Hyper Gear 70 Coins
Ladybug /Body #84 40 Coins
Metal Pad 90 Coins
Pumpkinhead /Body #80 20 Coins
Rocking Horse /Body #86 10 Coins
Snail /Body #81 30 Coins
X3 Steering Wheel 60 Coins