Digimon Survive Cheats and Tips


Digimon Survive Cheats and Tips


Karma Scores

Also important are elemental attacks. Each digimon has a set of elemental affinities, with each being either a positive or negative number.

  • A positive number indicates that the digimon takes less damage from attacks of that element, with higher numbers meaning less damage.
  • A negative number indicates that the digimon takes more damage from attacks of that element.





Be Wary Of Time Consumption

At certain points in the game, you’ll be given a limited amount of Time Units with which to spend your time. This is a means of limiting what you do during those periods – there will usually be more things for you to do than time units allotted to you.

During these sections, spend your time wisely. Consider the following:

  • Spend time points talking to characters you want to get closer to and learn more about. Avoid talking to characters you don’t care about.
  • Spend time points talking to Agumon in certain areas only to get some consumable items.
  • In some sections, you can pursue side objectives that may reward you with special items or let you recruit special digimon. These objectives may require that you spend multiple time points pursuing them, so try to be thorough when checking out your options.

Note that not every conversation that you can have will consume a time unit. Only characters and interaction locations that have an hourglass symbol next to them (as displayed in the image above) will consume time.

Once you’ve used up all your time points, you’ll move on to the next part of the story.