Warpips Cheats and Tips


Warpips Cheats and Tips



Check the arms dealer after every Battle. Buy all base turrets and heavy gunners.

Spend your war bucks on recruitment center first. In battle these can be used as emergency supply to give you extra cash at the beginning of a map if things go badly at the start.

Academy is the next best upgrade, followed by the vehicle bay upgrades and then the barracks upgrades.

The water cooled turrets in the weapons depot  is also a really good upgrade that you can take as early as you want if you find yourself using the Base turret a lot.

Plan your route through the map before going into battles. If you can help it you don’t want to run out of warpips or base turrets + heavy gunners.

Cutting a path straight to the final mission on a map (but not actually playing the final mission) is a good option. From there you can work backwards, taking the missions that give the best rewards or the missions that you have the best loadout for (see tactics section).

Keep watch of the enemy army strength, unless your feeling brave/confident play the final mission on an island before this reaches the maximum level (this is why the previous advice of cutting a path straight to the final mission is advised). You will have a hard time on the final map if this bar reaches the maximum level.


Deploy your troops in blobs, try not to deploy extra in drips and drabs. Wait until they all die before deploying another blob.

Don’t upgrade veterancy bars until you can upgrade the full level in one go.

Depending on your loadout and map you will want to make different choices.

The 3 different choices are:

  • Increasing total pips.
  • Leveling up veterancy.
  • Leveling up cash boost.

When using mercs you will want to focus on Leveling up vetetancy first. You will need to compliment mercs with something to help delay the enemy until their veterancy is max. The best 2 options are the shield pip, or using a combination of the small turret and sandbags.

When using warpips you will want to focus on increasing pip total first. Try increasing pip total until all of your money is spent before upgrading vetetancy.

When using heavy gunner you will want to focus on upgrading veterancy first and then cash boost. As this unit has a timer on it, it is best combined with the Base turret. Only use the Base turret when it has 100% accuracy.

The tactician is good vs vehicles but needs support. Only field 1 tactician at a time, along with other units.

Dogs are good against hero units, but are also good at thinning out large groups of the enemy and clearing mines (sorry pups).

Snipers are best used in a large group. Use delaying tactics (base turret, small turret + sandbags) whilst gradually increasing your horde of snipers. Sniper cannot target the enemy objective so you will need to take either mercs, warpips or heavy gunner along to finish the job.

Vehicles are best used against the same type of enemy vehicle- tank vs tank etc

The LRV vehicle is a good all round vehicle to take on difficult missions that havnt got enemy jeeps/tanks. It is best after the first veterancy level.