Marvel Snap Cheats and Tips


Marvel Snap Cheats and Tips


Getting New Cards in Marvel Snap

As with most card games, having a deep card pool is critical in your deckbuilding journey. For the most part, cards are obtained by upgrading existing cards (more on that later) and completing the season pass.

The season pass tree unlocks cards which can be achieved by completing daily missions. These usually fall in the realm of “Play X cards with X cost” or “Win X games”. Simple stuff.

Upgrading Cards in Marvel Snap

While you will want to upgrade cards as you gain boost points (a form of card-specific currency), you might want to hold off as you reach around 40 Collection Level.

The reason why you’d want to hold off is that the cost doubles with each card rank upgrade. This consumes both Credits and Boost points. So invest in the card you play with often!





Upgrading Cards Only Increases How Fancy They Look

Marvel Snap is not pay to win….yet. So it’s a good time to get a head start. By upgrading cards, players get to unlock fancy cosmetic upgrades for each card and, at the same time, increase your card collection level to open up….more cards!

Discover New Cards Missing From Your Marvel Snap Collection

With quite a deep pool of cards to be found in Marvel Snap, the game does a good job of alerting you of cards you’re seeing for the first time.

However, if you want to find out what other cards there are in the universe, the fastest way is to open your deck builder menu. From there, navigate to the bottom right for and hit the “filter” icon.

From there, sort by “unowned” and you’ll be able to see which cards you’re missing in your collection.