Iron Marines Cheats and Tips


Iron Marines Cheats and Tips


1. Find the Marine Icon if you want to Deploy Additional Units

Noticed the squad cap icon at the upper-left corner of the screen? Well, it shows how many units you can deploy. When a mission starts, you can deploy one unit, be it a team of snipers or grunts or a mecha, provided you have adequate resources (“etherwatts”).

Just keep exploring the planet until you stumble upon a tiny holographic image of a marine. Move your commander or any unit close to the marine icon and wait for a few seconds. You will get an extra command point for launching a unit.

2. How to Make Proper Use of Sniper Squads

Make sure you deploy snipers to support your hero and troops. Snipers have long range rifles and can easily take out incoming enemies from a distance. They will begin shooting when aliens come within their range. You can position snipers somewhere safe so that enemies don’t attack them first. While they are pretty tough, a large group of enemies can easily eliminate them.

Place snipers behind your units to take care of incoming enemies, but make sure your hero and troops don’t block their view. Weaker units will be instantly killed by snipers making it easier for your hero, mecha and other units to take out the rest. Bear in mind that obstacles will block their field of view and they won’t be able to shoot at enemies, so keep them in areas where mountains or other objects don’t block direct attacks.

3. Adapt to Enemy Behavior by Changing Squad Role

In many occasions, you wished you had deployed snipers instead of grunts to take out lots of incoming enemies from a far distance. Thankfully, there’s a way to switch to a different unit type. Simply tap your grunts and select snipers. Your soldiers will change roles immediately.

The best part is that you won’t have to deploy another squad, which would have wasted your precious command point, which could have been used to deploy some other unit. Changing roles according to enemy type can be a great way to minimize casualties and get rid of them ASAP! You can try this strategy on your mechas. If you have mistakenly deployed anti-air mechas when there are more ground units attacking your base/squads, just tap it and switch to “Flamewalker”.

4. Know Behavior and Attack Style of New Enemies by Tapping Their Icons

Whenever a new enemy appears, its portrait instantly shows up on the right side of the screen. Tap the icon to get key information about the new enemy, which may include its strengths or weaknesses, attack style etc. Make sure to switch to a different role based on the enemy’s attack style.

If the enemy attacks from a distance, then you can deploy grunts or the flamethrower to kill him. If they are aerial enemy units, then you can deploy anti-air units or build anti-air towers to destroy them.

5. Reach Skill Milestones to Unlock Special Abilities

When your hero levels up, quickly tap his portrait on the lower-left corner of your home screen. Every time he or she levels up, your receive hero points, which you can distribute evenly on three main abilities. If you feel one of the skills need more points or have mistakenly assigned extra points to a single skill, then you can press the undo button, which is located just next to the “OK” button and everything will be reset. Win or lose, your hero gains some XP and once his EXP bar is full, you can.

Assigning points improves skills and your hero will be able to attack and defend against tougher enemies without taking much damage. Make sure you reach a skill milestone (denoted by a silver and golden medal) to unlock extra abilities. Example: Reaching Taggins’ “Personal Shield” milestone (silver medal) will unlock a unique ability called “Energy Backlash”. This will enable your hero’s shield to reflect some of the melee damage received, thereby inflicting extra damage to enemies.