Gotham Knights Robin Cheats


Gotham Knights Robin Cheats


Gotham Knights best skills for Robin

The best skills for Robin in Gotham Knights are:

  • Elemental Focus
  • Shadow Renewal
  • Elemental Burst
  • Enhanced Elemental Effects
  • Microbots Cooldown Reduction

Most of these skills can be unlocked through the regular trees. But, to get the final one you will need to complete Robin’s Knighthood challenges.



Elemental Focus skill

Elemental Focus is a great first-priority skill as elemental damage is key to Robin and his attacks. His wide reach with his Bo Staff means he can completely dominate enemies and the elemental effects just enhance that.

This skill enhanced critical damage and the chance of landing a critical hit increase by 20% on enemies with an active elemental effect. This makes Robin a lot stronger at taking down minibosses and harder enemies later in the game.

Shadow Renewal skill

This skill is relatively simple. Just performing a takedown restores 25% of Robin’s health.

There isn’t a lot to say here, but extra health is always nice to have.

Elemental Burst skill

Our third skill is Elemental Burst. As mentioned, elements are key to Robin’s strength and this skill gives Robin a chance to deal additional elemental damage in an area when he deals that elemental damage.

This is a nice bonus to have with elemental attacks being key to Robin’s toolset. In addition, the skill reduces enemies’ elemental effect resistance by 50% for ten seconds after use, so what’s not to love?

Enhanced Elemental Effects skill

This skill is pretty simple, it simply boosts elemental effects inflicted by Robin, which is something you should be doing with his wide reach and ability to hit multiple enemies at once.

Lasting twice as long, these effects will really help you out in the later game and also give you even stronger crowd-control capabilities.

Microbots Cooldown Reduction skill

Our final choice is for Robin’s ultimate Momentum Ability. This skill drastically reduces the cooldown of Robin’s Microbots, which are one of his strongest tools.

Therefore, being able to use them more often and use them in more groups of enemies is a great addition to Robin’s already higher crowd-control potential.

That covers our picks for the best skills for Robin in Gotham Knights. With these by your side, you should be more than capable of dominating combat in the game and making the most of his toolset.