Bayonetta 3 Cheats and Tips


Bayonetta 3 Cheats and Tips



What are Orbs?

Orbs are a type of collectible currency in Bayonetta 3 used to upgrade weapons, skills, and Demon Slave abilities.  Once you have accumulated enough of the resource, open the main menu at any time during play to enhance equipped armaments and various moves which are applied immediately.

Displayed at the Upper Right Section of the Screen

Bayonetta 3 - Orb Indicator 2

Orbs are indicated at the upper right section of the game screen (in between your current count of Halos and Seeds). Each time you end a combo string, the equivalent Orbs earned for that string will briefly be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Rewarded based on combo points earned during battle (Ways to Earn Orbs)

You can get Orbs by racking up combo points against enemies in battle. Try to string together a variety of attacks against regular foes and bosses by mixing up punches, kicks, weapon skills, and Demon Slave moves to raise your combo points to earn more Orbs.

How to Farm Orbs

Replay chapters

The most straightforward way to farming Orbs is to keep replaying chapters that pit you against waves of enemies. When choosing a mission to farm Orbs, try to go for those that simply require you to clear out groups of foes so you can focus on combat.

In general, you want to avoid doing levels with puzzles to solve or those with long mini-game sections that do not allow you to fight in a regular manner to accumulate combo points.