Marvel Snap Credits Cheats


Marvel Snap Credits Cheats


Free Credits in the Marvel Snap shop

The first step to maximizing your Credit gains in Marvel Snap is to check the in-game shop on a daily basis. Although it might not seem obvious at a glance, free Credits are actually on offer every 24 hours.

With each refresh of the in-game store at 8PM PT, 50 Credits are available directly in the store. There are no unlock requirements, these are free for all players every single day.

While 50 Credits might not seem like much, they certainly add up. Even if you don’t have enough time to play an extended session, it’s well worth just a few seconds of your time to boot up Marvel Snap and grab these Credits each passing day.

Daily & Weekly Missions are essential

Next up are the Daily and Weekly Missions in Marvel Snap, arguably the best source of Credits overall. Found under the ‘Missions’ tab on the homepage, up to seven daily challenges at any given time.

From simply drawing cards to winning with Snaps or dominating a Location by 10+ Power, these Missions have a great deal of variety. Though all of them are quite simple, requiring just a few games of playtime at most.

Typically, daily Missions offer up to 100 Credits each, along with some Season Pass XP too. Thus, completing as many as possible is a surefire way to increase your earnings.