Resident Evil Re:Verse Cheats and Tips


Resident Evil Re:Verse Cheats and Tips


Dodging and Evading

Dodging and evading enemies will help you survive the fight longer. Use it when your the attack is about to land to avoid taking damage. It can also be a useful to when you need to create some space between a faster enemy. Dodging consumes stamina, so make sure to use it only when necessary.


Characters have unique skills that give them great tools to use in a match. They’re most effective against bioweapons, making it a great defense against them while in human form. Don’t hesitate to use them, especially when you’re getting cornered by your enemies.

Aim for the Head

When shooting, always target the enemies’ head as it deal tons of damage against them. Just be careful while aiming for it slows you down, making you vulnerable for attacks, especially against bioweapons.

Take Virus Capsules

Try and get Virus Capsules around the area to get a powerful bioweapon when you die. The more Virus Capsules in your possession (up to 2 max), the stronger the bioweapon you will get.

Recover Ammo and Health

Roam around the area and search for ammo boxes and Green Herbs, as they can help you survive longer in battle. Green Herbs will restore your character’s health and ammo boxes will replenish your personal weapon ammunition. Those items are usually inside the rooms on the map. They also randomly spawn around the area, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Hunt Enemies as much as possible

When you transform into a bioweapon, make sure to hunt down your enemies, as your health will gradually lose over time. Make the most out of your remaining health to earn points and take Revenge on the one that killed you to gain extra points.

Special Skills

Always use Special Skills to knock down and kill enemies in the area. Some of the bioweapons have slow durability and mobility, so make use of your Active Skills to kill enemies before they can escape.

Heat Vision

All bioweapons have heat vision that can help them track everyone in the area. Make good use of that to hunt down enemies and catch them as they come around corners.

Green Herbs

Green Herbs will let you recover some of your lost health in a match. They spawn randomly around the area, so make sure to roam while watching for enemies. Get Green Herbs and regain health your health to stay in the fight longer!

Virus Capsule

The Virus Capsule is a special item you can get around the area while in a battle. Once your character’s HP reaches zero, you will transform into a bioweapon. The number of Virus Capsules you have will determine its strength.

Ammo Boxes

Obtain ammo for your Personal Weapons by picking up ammo boxes in the area. Personal Weapons deal more damage against enemies, and they can help you earn points faster in the battle.