Wild Arena Survivors Cheats and Tips


Wild Arena Survivors Cheats and Tips


Select the Best Survivor

The core idea of the Wild Arena Survivors is to survive until you become the last in the game. So, to achieve this goal, the survivor you choose in the game should be a powerful character, and that is the first thing that we want to pay attention to from this Wild Arena Survivors tips guide.

There will be three survivors you can choose right at the beginning of your game, and the one who chooses here will remain until you unlock another. So, the first choice needs to be made with a very wise mind, and we recommend you to go with Buck because of his balanced skills. These skills are going to save you for a longer time in the game, and that is what you want here. To be capable of surviving.

Note that your selections should not be framed to the Duck because you are still to choose another survivor among the other 10 of them. You are all free to test them because they all have unique skills as well as weapons. So, try your options and choose a powerful survivor capable enough to take you for a long run in the game.


Identify the Survivor of your Enemies

Same as you, your enemy is also holding a survivor chosen from the 10 of the list. So we strongly recommend you to understand and learn about all your survivors because you don’t know with whom they will come. And try your best to understand each of their weapons as well because that is where you can handle your game with an assurance of survival.

Since this is our second thing to be listed under this Wild Arena Survivors tips guide, we would like to add some more things to this. All the survivors hold their own type of role in the game. Some might be tanks, and some might be trappers. Whatever the role they carry, try to have a brief idea of their weapons. If you see a tank survivor, know that he is going to handle a shovel and a Riot Shield. The same goes for the other units.

So having a clear idea of the load outs of other players are extremely useful for the game, and that is why we recommend you all to have a thorough idea of each aspect of them to make it better gameplay for you.


Upgrade Yourself

Upgrading will be an all-time benefit for all the players because it lets them do better with better skills for the battles. And that comes to the next tip from this Wild Arena Survivors tips guide. There are crystals that you can see here which need to be upgraded because you can use them for support gears and weapons.

So always make sure to keep your gears and weapons at their highest levels, and you don’t have to save your crystals. Just use them and take them to your advantage to survive for long in these wildest challenges.

You can also do some upgrades to your survivor as well because when you manage to reach for more trophies, it means that you have to handle a lot of enemies too. So having just a powerful skill is not going to help you in the long run, and you will have to boost the stats of your survivor. If you don’t know how to make your improvements, note that there are Ward Coins you can use in the game for all weapons, and the Survivor cards will be needed for the Survivor upgrades.