Dragon Quest V Cheats


Dragon Quest V Cheats


Item Duplication Glitch

For this to work You need at least 2 pages of items in bag. Go in to the bag, and make sure the item that you want to dupe is on the last page. Go back to the first page, and go one spot down. For example is the item you want to dupe is in the first space on page 2, you want to go to the second spot on page 1. Now push left and circle at the same time. This should take you to the second page and bring up the menu. Choose give, and give the item one of your characters. The item should be in the characters inventory, and still on the bag.

This will work with any item in the game, but be careful with key items since they can’t be sold or discarded.

Mini Medal Rewards

Exchange the following numbers of Mini Medals with King Dominicus to get the rewards.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Falcon Blade 35 Mini Medals
Glombolero 17 Mini Medals
Matal king shield 50 Mini Medals
Miracle sword 23 Mini Medals
Powjamas 12 Mini Medals
Sacred armour 28 Mini Medals


Secret Dungeon

Beat the game and make the end game save on your last saved file. Load it and use the spell ‘Ruura’ to head to Evil Mountain. Instead of entering Evil Mountain, head directly south to what seems to be a poisonus swamp. You will enter the secret dungeon.