Drakan: The Ancients' Gates Cheat Codes


Drakan: The Ancients’ Gates Cheat Codes


Cheat Codes

During gameplay, hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 (in that order) and then enter the following:
Effect Code
Get $10,000 Circle, Square, Right, Left, X, Triangle, Down, Up
Increase Character’s Level Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Right, Down, Left, Up
Increase Spell Level Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
Invincibility (can still be hurt by falling) X, Down, Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Square, Left
Recover Health Triangle, Down, Circle, Left, Square, Right, X, Up


Access More of the NE Surdana Territory Before You Get Arokh

To get to the NE area of Surdana (where the monastery is), go towards Jade’s Magic Emporium. At the last turn, before you make a straight run to the building itself, face out towards the mountains (basically face with your back towards the building) and walk towards the cliff. If you look down you will notice a trapezoid shape forms the edge of the cliff (with the smaller part pointing outwards). SAVE YOUR GAME. Now walk towards the top right angle of the trapezoid, while still remaining on its “top line” you can slide down the cliff without taking damage. Simply walk forward and off the cliff and begin to slide down, then when you get near the bottom (exactly or a little after the angle of the cliff makes a “drastic” change) and jump, you will hop of the cliff and harmlessly onto the ground below, granting you access to the entire area (which at this point in the game, will be enemy dragon free).

Double Rejuvenation cast (PS2)

1.Open magic menu
2.Highlight and summon rejuvenation spell leaving the menu open
3. Press select to exit menu right after spell goes off.
-If timed correctly Rynn will cast the spell a second time when the menu is exited.
-If Rynn only has enough mana to cast rejuvenation once, the spell will still cast twice with the second cast not consuming any mana.

Extra Gauntlets of Invisibilty

When fighting the wartok in the northern tundra for the invisible gauntlets back him up to the very edge of the platform. When you kill him he’ll fall off the edge but the gauntlets will fly up and land at your feet . Then turn around to find an additional set of gauntlets on the platform a few steps away . Use one set to complete a quest and keep the extra set . The only problem is you can’t drop them or sell them or even use them. They become stuck in your inventory until later when you’re in the Halfmens’ Lands.