The Entropy Centre Cheats and Tips


The Entropy Centre Cheats and Tips


Cancel your rewinds to save time (literally)

On keyboard, you can press the ‘R key’ to wipe your rewinds. Whenever you pick up a cube, it starts logging its movement. But you’ll usually benefit from not having to wait while it rewinds by pressing the ‘R key’ and giving your cube a fresh start.

Keep an eye on your seconds

You can usually only rewind any given object 38 seconds. While this isn’t a problem early on, later puzzles will see you run out of time if you’re not efficient with your movements. It can be disheartening to rewind a cube while at the exit, only to realize that you’re a few seconds short and unable to open the door by dropping a cube on a panel, so it really pays to plan ahead.

Show your route

Pressing the ‘F key’ will show you where cubes will go when you rewind time. This will keep you from doing the wrong thing and teach you how to best do everything in order, so it’s recommended that you use this when you’re not quite sure how the rewinding mechanic works.

In mid-air

Simply clicking on a cube will begin a rewind, so you can use this to hold a cube in place. For instance, if it’s sitting on a conveyor that you’re about to move, you can click on it, freeze it, and move the conveyor without the cube falling. This is necessary for many puzzles, including ones where you have to keep a laser cube aimed at a panel, so don’t forget to make use of this.

You can grab the bots

At multiple points in The Entropy Centre, you’ll go up against hostile robots. You can dispatch them by rewinding the time of their energy attacks, but you can also walk up to them and press the ‘E key’ to pick them up. Throwing them after picking them up will also instantly destroy them, so you can sometimes take them out faster by doing so.

Move things in a specific way

There are occasions you’ll need to rewind objects in ways that aren’t immediately obvious. For instance, if you pick up a cube and walk while holding it over an opening before backing up and putting it down, you can rewind it and deselect it with the q key to drop it. This is also necessary for some puzzles, but it might not occur to you to use it.