Drakengard Cheats


Drakengard Cheats


Attack through walls

During any ground mission if you see enemies on your radar on the other side of the wall, you can begin your run attack until you see the flash that you are going full speed. Then press the attack button to send your attack through the wall, killing the enemies on the other side.

Easy Weapon Leveling

To level up weak weapons quickly, go to story mode, chapter 1, verse 2 (to the castle) on easy mode. Equip Spiked Wisdom, Butcher’s Joy, or another weapon that’s magic creates an aura around you that can quickly kill enemies. Charge up the magic meter, cast the spell, then quickly press/hold R2, switch weapons to the one you want to level up, and then run around at enemies. The aura will kill enemies for as long as it lasts while the kills go toward the currently equipped weapon. Once the aura runs out, just switch back and repeat.

Alternate Endings

Unlockable How to Unlock
1st Ending Finish chapter 1 to 8.
2nd Ending Unlock chapter 9 ( Withdraw 80% life of the Black Dragon in less than 4min20 in the chapter 7 verse 4).
3rd Ending In the chapter 9, finish the 3rd verse in less than 4min20.
4th Ending Finish the 12 chapters and the 3 chapters of your companions.
5th Ending Recover the 65 weapons to unlock the 13rd chapter and finish it.