Drive to Survive Cheats


Drive to Survive Cheats


Cheat Codes

Enter Following Button On Main Menu
Effect Code
Unlock Everything Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down


Unlockable Modes

Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Modes
Unlockable How to Unlock
Ice Tournament Complete All Silver Cup Challenge
Night Tournament Complete All Gold Cup Challenge
Time Trial Complete Each Track’s Gold Cup or Gold Medal Challenge To Unlock Each Track For Time Trial Mode
Turbo Tournament Complete All Bronze Cup Challenge


Unlockable Vehicles and Tracks

Complete Specified Challenges In Challenge Cup Mode To Unlock Following
Unlockable How to Unlock
Demolition and Wheatley Wildfire Complete Ventura Blvd – Bronze Cup Challenge
Fort Gidlow and ML Hammerhead Complete Neustein – Bronze Cup Challenge
Hattan City and Williamson Genesis Complete All Gold Cup Challenge
Keister Bay and Gidlow Shuriken Complete Demolition – Bronze Cup Challenge
Kharga Temple and Harbison Banshee Complete Angel Peak – Bronze Cup Challenge
Koko Bay and Latcham Switchblade Complete Tierra Piedra – Bronze Cup Challenge
Neustein and Fussey Bahnstormer Complete Kharga Temple – Bronze Cup Challenge
Nukov and Sonic Imperial Complete All Silver Cup Challenge
Polar Wharf and Allison Ruckus Complete Keister Bay – Bronze Cup Challenge
Redpool Tip and McGrath Venom Complete All Bronze Cup Challenge
Silver Creek and Thompson Hurricane Complete Koko Bay – Bronze Cup Challenge
Tierra Piedra and RLH Miglia Complete Polar Wharf – Bronze Cup Challenge
Timgidski and AW Racing Nemesis Complete Silver Creek – Bronze Cup Challenge
Ventura Blvd and Newall Thunderstrike Complete Fort Gidlow – Bronze Cup Challenge