Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future Cheats


Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future Cheats


Unlock All Levels

Do the following (you will need a memory card).

Go to the [PLAYER MENU] screen and choose [NEW GAME].

Enter [GYU GYU ???] where ??? can be any three letters you want.

Press the [CIRCLE] button on the controller. If the cheat has worked then a plant on the left side of the screen will release a huge stream of bubbles.

Press the [X] button to create the save file, then return to the main menu.

If you go to the [LEVEL SELECT] screen you will find that ALL of the levels have been unlocked. You may now select any level you want.

Effect Code
Level select will show every level as unlocked. You can now play any level you wish. [PLAYER MENU]>>>[NEW GAME]>>>[GYU GYU ???] (replace ??? with 3 letters of your choice), press [CIRCLE] button then [X] button.


Dolphin Soccer

Go to the Powers of Levitation level and find your way to the room where the clan General is located. Swim through the side of the rubbery wall. On the floor near one of the orange lights is a football. Get it, then go to the level selection screen. An option for the Dolphin Soccer mini-game will appear at the bottom.