Ghost Song Cheats and Tips


Ghost Song Cheats and Tips


Enable Highlight Character Mode

Even during the brightest moments, Ghost Song can still be awfully opaque and hard to navigate. The good news is, you can actually enable Highlight Character, which essentially puts a glowing aura around your protagonist. Doing this will help you uncover hidden areas, as well as give you a clearer idea of the world you’re exploring. So, if you’re having trouble adapting to the darkness, be sure to head into your Game Settings, and hit Highlight Character.

Of course, there’s always the option to boost the brightness in the game, too. If you’re still struggling to wrap your head around what’s what and who’s who, then go ahead and give the Brightness slider a nudge to the right.

Don’t Go Left

Once you begin your journey down in the neon metropolis, you will be presented with two directions to travel in. For the sake of keeping your head on your shoulders and learning the basic controls, you’re going to want to head right.

If you take the left, then you will eventually bump into an overpowered enemy that can whittle down your health in a matter of blows. Therefore, before you summon any amount of bravery to help unearth the unknown, be sure to explore the path to the right to get a feel for the basics. Once you have discovered your first Save Point and upgrade station, you should have enough experience to be able to tackle the alternate path.


Save, Save, Save

In Ghost Song, dying on a regular basis comes with the territory. In fact, nearly everything can kill you, which means you’re bound to face death a handful of times over the course of your journey. And if you do happen to meet a bitter end at the hand of an enemy, then you’ll have to start back from the beginning, or at the last save point.

The problem is, save points aren’t all that common, which means you should always take the opportunity to back up your game whenever you stumble upon one. A Save Point looks like a blue neon leaf, and can be found in random locations, usually near upgrade stations.


Upgrade And Level Up Whenever Possible

The more you explore the world that Ghost Song has to offer, the more likely you are to bump in upgrade stations, which are also referred to as Statues. At these Statues, you will be able to do one of three things: Level UpFast Travel, or Make Repairs. Keeping on top of your level and upgrading your three attributes is crucial, and should be done whenever you acquire enough NanoGel.

The three attributes you have are VigorResolve, and GunPower. To make a dent in the story, you’re going to need to distribute your collected NanoGel to each of these in a sensible order, which will, in turn, make you more powerful.

  • Vigor: Increases your HP, Vigor, and Power Capacity
  • Resolve: Increases your HP, Energy, Stamina, Resolve, and Power Capacity
  • GunPower: Increases your GunPower, and Power Capacity


Always Collect Your Lost NanoGel

Much like its Metroidvania cousins, Ghost Song employs a gameplay feature that makes death far more of a taxing experience than it needs to be. Dying, unfortunately, means losing all of your collected NanoGel, as well as a floating corpse in the destination that you perished in during the previous run. To reclaim what is rightfully yours, you will need to return to where you died and pick it up.

If it isn’t too much of a trek, you should always aim to reclaim your old resources, as NanoGel can be hard to come by in certain locations. Recovering your lost NanoGel will also give you a second opportunity to defeat the enemy that bested you the first time around. Beating it will net you additional NanoGel and yet another soul for your archive.