Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Cheats and Tips


Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Cheats and Tips



The following hints might come in handy during your next investigative detention encounter:



  • When detaining a person, the police officer might nıtice suspicious behavior, for example, nervousness or hints of illegal substances. This is displayed as intuition feedback text and can allow for further interrogation. Make sure to turn on the flashlight during nights to see those signs.


  • While being detained, citizens are not allowed to refuse to identify themselves when asked for their ID.


  • Police officers of Brighton can hand out tickets without detaining somebody first – without negative consequences. But detaining first will reward the extra Shift Points.




  • Without a handy flashlight at night, focusing license plates on cars and other signs is impossible (Mouse: Right Click; gamepad: LT).


  • With the flashlight turned on at night, drug dealers know your presence and will not be dealing drugs. Grafitti sprayers will flee.




  • Many reasons for losing conduct points can be deactivated in the game options and allow for a more casual and relaxed game. However, police brutality will always be punished.




  • When a suspect flees, and a patrol officer aims with their ranged stun gun at them, the suspect might surrender and raise their arms. In that case, Shooting is not allowed anymore!




The following hints might be helpful for any officer to know:


  • Not every ID is a valid driver’s license. Driver licenses have a statement on the ID about being a driver’s license. Pure IDs do not.


  • Always compare the person’s appearance to the photo on the ID. If they do not match, the ID is probably stolen. However, persons never wear any accessories on ID photos!




  • At night, some pieces of evidence can only be observed when the flashlight is turned on.