Save Room Levels Cheats (1-20)


Level 1

The first level is extremely simple. Like many of these early levels, it teaches the most basic mechanics that fans of Resident Evil 4 will be familiar with when it comes to inventory management. Here, it teaches you the importance of rotating the weapon in order to get them to fit. That is the whole thing, rotate the lone handgun until it fits on the space provided to progress.

Level 2

This next level builds on the previous by introducing two new items: The Brown Egg and the Shotgun. Again, still in the early stages so it’s not hard to see that the long gun should be placed in the long horizontal space, but these early levels are to build your familiarity with the game before they throw some puzzles that really test your organizational skills.

Save Room Solutions

Level 3

This level introduces reserve ammo, which all takes up two spaces in the Case. A tip that I employed to help narrow down the spaces to remove the ammo and focus purely on the weapons since the shape of all the ammo cases is the simplest in the game. Filling out the case with the uniquely-shaped guns before slotting in the much simpler ammo casings makes the later levels much easier.

Level 4

Carrying over what I was saying about ammo, the grenades serve a similar purpose as they take up two spaces with a simple shape. This level mostly acts as a way to introduce grenades as the rest of the puzzle is simple, especially if you focus on fitting in the machine pistol and handgun since the shotgun only fits in the tall vertical area. Once you have your weapons locked in, all you have to do from there is slot in your grenades and eggs.

Save Room Solutions

Level 5

A bit more of a challenge, level 5 is a test of everything you know so far while introducing two long runs along with ammo, an egg, and the oddly shaped machine pistol and handgun. Focus on the rifle and shotgun first since their long frames limit them to only being able to find horizontally. From there, move to the machine pistol and handgun. Keep moving them around until you have five sets of 2-square spaces for your ammo. Wherever your last spot is, you can fit the egg in very easily.

Level 6

This is where you are introduced to the need to reload weapons. You are given more than enough space to fit both the DMP and the Handgun as well as the ammo that goes with the guns into the Attache Case. Still, you won’t be able to progress unless you reload the guns, which can be done by either dragging the ammo to its corresponding gun or but selecting either item and hitting “Combine” and then selecting its corresponding item. If you slot everything into place without reloading, you will get a “You’re not ready yet!” achievement upon completing the level with four open spaces, you will the “Magic Pockets” achievement.

Save Room Solutions

Level 7

Building off the last level, players will be able to reload the machine pistol, handgun, and rifle, but there will be ammo left over. This will teach you that each weapon has a cap on the amount of ammo it can carry, which can be checked by selecting the weapon and hitting “Examine.” The rest of the puzzle here isn’t too difficult as the long horizontal top for the rifle leaves a limited space beneath it.

Level 8

Once again continuing the trend of teaching the player how to manage their ammo reserves, this level introduces the concept of stacking, where you can put multiple boxes of the same ammo together up to a certain amount. This mission sees the player have three boxes of 7 shotgun bullets and three boxes of 12 handgun bullets. This means the player can load one of these boxes into each of their respective guns and then stack the remaining ammo into a single box. From there, continue to use the prior lessons to get to the end of the level.

Save Room Solutions

Level 9

Level 9 introduces the Rocket Launcher, one of the more difficult weapons to slot in due to the two extra spaces beneath the rocket and its length. This combined with the shotgun and Handgun makes this one a challenge not just because you have to fit all these weapons in, but you also have to do so in a way that leaves 4 two-square spaces for ammo and grenade. The picture below is the solution I found.

Level 10

Level 10 takes the Rocket Launcher introduced in the last mission and adds the DMP machine pistol to the level along with the returning Shotgun and Handgun, making this one a bit of a challenge. Not only do you have to fit all these weapons in, but you also have to do so in a way that leaves 5 two-square spaces for ammo and grenade. The picture below is the solution I found.

Save Room Solutions

Level 11

Where the last few levels introduced reloading, Level 11 is all about healing. Just like how you can’t complete a level unless you have green health. The item that you will use here is the First Aid Spray. Using the Spray will get you the “First Aid” achievement and you can also get the “Not enough health, stranger” achievement by filling up the Attache Case without healing. To do so, you can do the exact setup pictured below but shift the Handgun on space to the left to make a vertical two-square space for the First Aid Spray.

Level 12

Mission 12 introduces the Fixed Butterfly Magnum but is mostly focuses on the stacking and reloading seen from Levels 6-8. Reload the weapons and stack the remaining ammo to create single boxes for each ammo type and then position everything as it is pictured below.

Save Room Solutions

Level 13

For this level, you will be introduced to a new healing item that is the Sardine, a fish that takes up four linear spaces. You will need to heal three times to get your health to full. The trick here is that there isn’t enough space for any more than one Sardine, so make sure you don’t use any of the Brown Eggs to heal. Use two of the Sardines and then slot everything as it is pictured below.

Level 14

One of the game’s easier Levels, keep the top Rocket Launcher and three Eggs where they are. Remove Everything else and slot the second Rocket Laucner where it is in the bottom row and put one of the Sardines in the four spaces to the right of the middle row. use the other Sardine to get your health to green and then slot the grenades in the remaining spaces.

Level 15

Sardine and fish. Um… OK. Use two Sardines to get your Health to green and then put the fish in the longer spaces and fill in the remaining spaces with the Brown Eggs.

Level 16

Level 16 introduces the classic Green Herbs from Resident Evil healing item. The best way to do this solution is to combine toe the two Green Herbs to make a Herb Vial and get the “Chambers’s Pupil” achievement. Use the Vial to reach full health and the slot in the rest of the guns and ammo with the last two spots leftover for the Brown Eggs. Inversely, you can eat the two eggs and combine the Herbs to make a Herb Vial and fill the two spaces that the Eggs occupy on the picture below.

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Level 17

Building off of the Green Herbs from the last level, you are introduced to the Red Herb here. Red Herbs cannot be used on their own and must be combined with a Green Herb in order to be used. They will also give you a full heal. Combine the two Herbs to get you from Red to Green. From there, stack your ammo and reload your guns and slot everything left over into the positions pictured below.

Level 18

More of the same from above, thing time introducing the Yellow Herb. Just like the Red Herb, the Yellow Herb cannot be used with a Green Herb being combined with it. This means combining a Red and Yellow Herb makes an unusable Herb Vial. Combine all three Herbs to make a useable Vial and then reload, stack, and position everything as it is pictured below.

Save Room Solutions

Level 19

Three long weapons including the Rocket Launcher, as well as the DMP and Handgun, combined with stacking and herb combining make this mission a bit tricky. Combining all three of the colored Herbs and then using the Vial to get you to full health is necessary to complete the mission. The three long weapons will need to fit in the middle so my suggestion is to take everything out of the Case and slot in the Rifle, Riotgun, and Launcher in the four long horizontal rows and build around them. Below is the solution I used.

Level 20

Level 20 is fairly simple since there is only one long weapon that can only fit in the vertical column on the right. The trick here is that you need to use all four of the Herbs even though if you combine a set of Green, Yellow, and Red ones, you will still have one regular Green Herb left over. The solution here is to use the lone Green Herb first to get your health from red to yellow and then use the Herb Vial. From there, just reload and stack the ammo until all the weapons are full and you can start slotting everything into the Attache Case.

Save Room Solutions