Oddworld: Soulstorm Oddtimized Edition Cheats


Oddworld: Soulstorm Oddtimized Edition Cheats


Sneaking – key information and tips

In Oddworld Soulstorm, there is a separate button for sneaking – L1 in the PS4 and PS5 versions and L in the Nintendo Switch version. Pressing and holding this button ensures that the surrounding enemies won’t be able to hear us.

  1. With the stealth button held down, we can still perform many basic actions, such as performing single jumps, climbing up and down, or interacting with the environment.
  2. If other Mudokons are following us, they will imitate Abe’s actions and begin to sneak. This will allow us to sneak past our opponents as a group.

In areas with opponents present, the enemy alertness bar will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. It has three levels:

  1. Blue (calm) – The enemies are busy doing whatever they were occupied with before Abe’s arrival, e.g. standing still, sleeping, or walking / flying around.
  2. Yellow (medium) – The enemies have been alarmed by some noise. They’re still not aware of Abe’s presence, but they’re investigating the area.
  3. Red (high) – The enemies are aware of Abe’s presence and are actively trying to track him down. They will attack Abe and the other Mudokons and they are also trying to find the main character.

If the alertness bar reaches the yellow or red level, it’s a good idea to hide and wait until it drops down again. Once it reverts to the blue level, the enemies will stop searching and return to their previous activities. This often occurs in locations where an alarm blocks the exit from the room. When this happens, we’ll have to wait in secret until the situation calms down.

In most levels, we can avoid opponents by walking along the platforms located below or above their current location. This will allow us to move on without having to eliminate or distract the Slig in question.

Some missions may include additional special methods to avoid detection. Abe, for example, can hide in lockers or stand in areas producing steam that blinds his enemies. We have included these unique techniques of staying hidden in our walkthrough of the game.

Cameras and enemies patrolling the area always have a set movement or behavior pattern. It’s a good idea to stay in one spot for a short while to familiarize yourself with the area and then continue on when it’s safe. We may also attempt to scout by using Chanting. All this will reduce the risk of being detected or committing some other serious mistake.