The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Cheats


The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Cheats


The Devil in Me | Keep everyone alive with QTEs

If you’ve played a Dark Pictures game before, you’ll know that Quick Time Events (or QTEs) play a key role in keeping people alive. There are four standard ones to know about, as well as some new ones to look out for. The standard ones are:

  • Standard button press – press the required face button input on the controller within the time limit
  • Button Mash – repeatedly press the same button over and over within the time limit
  • Aimed Hit – You will need to aim with the right stick of the controller, and then hit with the right trigger button
  • Heartbeat – Press the correct face button in time with the heartbeat.

Note: There are a lot of moments in the game where the Heartbeat QTE is used. So it is worth familiarising yourself with that, to not come unstuck later in the game.

The new QTEs are:

  • Hide – For these you will need to move quickly to a designated spot (mostly likely run there – which is LB on a controller) and then press the designated hide button (LT on a controller). You then keep it pressed until the threat has passed. Whilst hiding you cannot be discovered.
  • Balance – Some situations require you to cross a narrow bridge, and your characters will need help balancing. You need to offset their balance – using the Right stick on a controller – to help them make it across. Failure to do so will see them fall, and in some situations, to their deaths.

All of these are introduced separately in the Prologue and early missions of the game and can be practiced there with minimal impact on the story. If you complete all the QTEs in the game, the chance of anyone dying in your group dramatically reduces. So it is worth knowing and practicing them. Alternatively, if you are finding them too difficult, you can lower the difficulty level at the start of the games or toggle some QTE options in the Accessibility options in the Settings menu to make things easier.

Key Decisions to keep everyone alive

Take the Inhaler and use it

Your first step to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me takes place in the Blackout chapter. After Erin has to explore the hotel in the dark with her microphone, she will end up locked in a room on her own. After panicking, she will find herself face to face with a figure who offers her an inhaler. Choose to take the Inhaler rather than attacking. Attacking the figure will not end well for Erin.

Once Erin has the Inhaler as an inventory item, be sure to take it at moments when she feels breathless or finds it difficult to breathe. This will keep her alive.

In the Silver Ash Insitute, hide in the cupboard

After Erin has finished exploring the Silver Ash Institute, Erin will hear Jamie’s voice from a mannequin. She will tell her she is in danger and needs to hide in a cupboard. You need to listen to her and hide in the cupboard. If you choose the Run option instead, Erin will die.

In the Incinerator, choose the grate

Once Charlie is trapped in the Incinerator, he will have two options: to Force the Door or Lift the Grate. You need to choose the grate. Initially, he will struggle, and then you get a second option. Choose the grate a second time, and eventually, he will pull it free and get inside. He looks done for, but this option actually saves his life.

Choose to kill Kate

When having to choose between Kate and Erin when they are trapped in the room that is losing oxygen, choose to kill Kate – and thus save Erin. Whilst Kate is struggling for air, she will notice the window has a leak of air, and Mark will break the glass and save Kate also. If you choose to kill Erin, she will die.

Make a note of who has the screwdriver

When you’re in the Director’s Suite, and you come up with your plan to capture Du’Met, Kate can choose to keep the Screwdriver or give it to Jamie. It doesn’t matter who you give it to, as there is a solution whichever you decide. But if you want to improve the relationship between Kate and Jamie, give the screwdriver to Jamie.

Make sure whoever has the screwdriver gets crushed

After the plan to trap Du’Met fails, Kate and Jamie will find themselves in a room with a moving glass wall. It will begin moving to Jamie. Assuming you gave Jamie the screwdriver, then when given the conversation choice, choose “Defiant” and Jamie will announce she’s not playing the game, and won’t press the button.

You then get the Aimed Hit QTE event to press the button. Aim away from the button, or simply wait for the timer to run out. Jamie won’t press the button, and the wall will keep moving to crush her. That screwdriver that Kate gave her though will spare her life.

Alternatively, if Kate has the screwdriver, then make sure Jamie does press the button and the reverse will happen and the screwdriver will save Kate’s life.

On the roof, save Jamie

After Kate has performed a lot of QTEs to escape the clutches of Du’Met, you’ll find he somehow gets ahold of Jamie on the roof instead. Kate can choose to flee or assist Jamie. You need to help her or Jamie dies at hands of Du’Met.

Run when you’re in barn

When you enter the barn with Erin, Jamie, and Kate (the one with the axe outside), you’ll have a couple of decisions to make. You can choose to Barricade the door, but it won’t hold for long. Erin will call out to you to Run, and you are given the option to Run or Climb. You need to Run with Erin or she will end up dying on her own. So make sure you pick Run and all three will make it out alive.

At the Lighthouse, side with Charlie

As Erin explores the Silver Ash Institute, she uncovers a cassette player behind some moveable blinds. Playing it will reveal a taped message that implies Charlie is complicit in murdering the group.

Later in the story at the Lighthouse, when Erin confronts Charlie about it, as Mark, be sure to side with Charlie and give him the benefit of the doubt, otherwise bad things will happen.

Survive the boat fight

The climax of the story, and your quest to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me, is a fight on the boat. The simplest way to save everyone here is to be ready for QTEs and succeed in them all. Erin and Charlie need to survive a button press QTE and they will automatically survive.

Jamie can choose to simply jump off the boat and she will survive too. She can also choose to stop and fight but it doesn’t change anything. Kate can also choose to attack Du’Met or simply jump. Jumping still means Mark can survive but damages their relationship if you’re bothered by such things.

Mark will then need to succeed in QTEs to injure and suppress Du’Met before finally killing him. Then, finally for Mark to escape, you need to perform a final button press QTE to jump off the boat before it hits the rocks and explodes.

You have now completed The Devil in Me and managed to keep everyone alive, and in doing so bagged the Happy Ending trophy/achievement.