MementoMori Cheats and Tips


MementoMori Cheats and Tips


Create the Best Formation for Battles

Since the battles are idle, which means zero player interruption, everything will be decided according to the witches or the characters you assign to the battle party. Therefore it is vital to have the best formation for battles as it is one of the top MementoMori tips to be used in the game. 


And there is no use in sticking to the same battle party; instead, you should adjust your battle party according to the type of battle you take part in. In a battle party, you can assign five characters maximum to it. When you assign characters, you should be concerned about the combat power of the enemy team you will take down because, to win, you need to assign characters that exceed the combat power of the enemy team. 

Therefore make sure you assign the best characters for the battle teams to have a better result in each battle you participate in. Also, when assigning the characters to battles, always try to take the soul affinity advantage to your battle party. In the next part of this MementoMori tips and tricks guide, we will explain soul affinity. 


Soul Affinity Benefit

Every character has a unique attribute or affinity. There is a connection between all the affinities introduced in the game, which we can use to our advantage in the battles. So let us see how you can obtain the soul affinity benefit through this MementoMori tips and tricks guide. 


The game introduces six soul affinities: Azure, Crimson, Emerald, Amber, Radiance, and Chaos. All these souls have strengths and weaknesses against each other, and their pattern is given below.  


Soul Affinity Superior to Inferior to
Azure Crimson Amber
Crimson Emerald Azure
Emerald Amber Crimson
Amber Azure Emerald
Radiance Chaos Chaos
Chaos Radiance Radiance


Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of each soul affinity, you can use them in battles. Before taking part in battles, you can check the soul of each enemy you will fight against through the battle preparation menu and assign characters with stronger souls than theirs. When you appoint characters with stronger souls than the enemies to attack them, the dealing damage will be increased by an extra 25%. 


If we take an example that you have to face an enemy with Emerald as soul affinity, you should use a character with Crimson as the soul affinity to kick the enemy out of the field. Once you do so, your character’s soul overpowers the enemy’s affinity, which gives you the benefit of soul affinity. 


Activate Soul Bonuses

From the above part of this MementoMori tips guide, we explained the souls and the method of obtaining the soul affinity benefit in the battles. Now, you will learn how to activate soul bonuses. 


You know that every character has different skills, which makes them powerful, but when you take part in battles with a team, do you reject if there is a method to activate some effects like team buffs? You never do because everyone tries to make the team stronger at any cost. 

Therefore, as mentioned among the best MementoMori tips, you can activate soul bonuses to make your teams powerful and have master gameplay. There are several requirements to activate several soul bonuses, and now you can learn about all of them. 


  • Assign three characters with the same soul – HP increases by 10%, and Attack increases by 10%. 


  • Assign three and two characters with the same souls – HP increases by 15%, and Attack increases by 15%. 


  • Assign four characters with the same soul – HP increases by 20%, and Attack increases by 15%. 


  • Assign five characters with the same soul – HP increases by 25%, and Attack increases by 25%. 


When you assign a certain number of characters with the same soul, it includes only the soul, Azure, Crimson, Emerald, Amber, and Radiance. And for the Chaos soul, there is a different set of attributes that you can activate as follows, 


  • Assign one character or more – Defense increases by 25%.
  • Assign two characters or more – HP Drain increases by 5%. 
  • Assign three characters or more – +1000 Defense Break. 
  • Assign four characters or more – Counter increases by 10%. 
  • Assign five characters or more – Critical Damage boosts by 30%.


So, when you use the characters to obtain the bonuses as this MementoMori tips and tricks guide mentions, you will be able to have only the victories in this game.