Akane Build Cheats


Akane Build Cheats


Gadget №1

The first gadget is a tactical visor. I consider it one of the most important and necessary gadgets, as it allows you to kill all opponents during the dragon slayer

How to unlock:

  • Reach 201 kills and 100% katana acuracy.

Gadget №2

The second gadget is the magnetic detetractor. It restores ammo after dragon slash or dragon slayer. In combination with a visor, it is a very useful thing.

How to unlock:

  • Defeat the boss at his max lvl.


Hyper shoes give the player the ability to make quick dashes. They can be useful in boss fights at max level and with a lot of enemies.

How to unlock:

  • Kill 5 shooters in one game.


You can take any cigarettes, but in my opinion the best ones are Ronicorn. They are best seen in dashes, which is very important in fights.

How to unlock:

  • Reach 500 kills.


There are 3 katanas in the game, the best one is Rebi. It allows you to perform a spin attack, which is very useful when there are a large number of enemies.

How to unlock:

  • Defeat the boss.


The best weapon in my opinion is a revolver. First, it has high damage. Secondly, it allows you to kill enemies through, that is, it kills 2 enemies at a time.