Gungrave G.O.R.E Cheats and Tips


Gungrave G.O.R.E Cheats and Tips


Focus on ranged damage in Gungrave GORE

Although you can deal melee damage with your coffin, your guns are the best way to go. Use melee only when you’re surrounded or face formidable melee enemies. Even a regular attack is better than swinging a coffin, as it’s faster and allows more movement control. Sometimes coffin-to-hand combat is the only way to go, but try to solve problems with those oversized pistols first.





Use abilities often in Gungrave GORE

The best way to be effective in Gungrave G.O.R.E is to use special abilities often. Some are easy to perform, while others need some practice. But even the easier moves will do more damage than basic melee and ranged attacks. Some skills require a high Beat Count, which you get by connecting multiple kills and destroying things around you. Here are some of the abilities you should use regularly:

  • Burst mode – Press quickly R2 (shoot button) on the controller four times and then hold it. Note that you can’t move while using this skill, but you can rotate.
  • Storm Barrage – This is a deadlier version of Burst mode, but you need to have the Beat Count higher than 50 to use it. But it pays off, as it can mow down enemies in seconds.
  • Death Spear – Hold R2 to charge guns and release it to deal heavy damage. This is a one-shoot-kill option, but you can’t use it if you are being shot at. Still, it’s handy against melee attackers and those pesky enemies with shields.
  • Demolition Shots – These are a series of powerful attacks, albeit you need a Demolition Point Upgrade to use them. With each DP upgrade level, you unlock new special moves.

Upgrade skills carefully in Gungrave GORE

You can’t upgrade every skill, as you’ll never have enough points. This makes your choices even more important, as once you spend points on a skill, there’s no going back. You can spend in the Lab, between stages. You have a choice between the Skills, Stats, and Demolition tabs. Gungrave is not the type of game where defense makes you victorious, as the only way to survive is to kill faster. Hence, focus on abilities that deal area-of-effect damage, as you’ll often deal with at least ten enemies at once.

Destroy flammable objects in Gungrave GORE

Many objects on the map tend to explode when you shoot them in Gungrave G.O.R.E. That’s a simple way to kill many enemies that are near enough. Unfortunately, those objects are sometimes hard to notice as they blend with the surrounding. Also, the levels are sometimes very dark, which doesn’t help. Because the action almost always starts when you reach the arrow pointing the way, try to familiarize yourself with your surrounding from the distance before you initiate combat.