Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Remastered Money Farming Cheats


Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Remastered Jewel Farming Cheats


What are Jewels?

Jewels are a type of collectible resource in Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song Remastered (RomaSaga: Minstrel Song Remake) that is used to level up a character’s equipped class. Upgrading classes is essential for gaining useful bonuses in battle, as well as unlocking more powerful combat and field skills.

Ways to Earn Jewels

Win battles.

Jewels are rewarded for simply defeating enemies in battle. You can go through game’s main story to net a decent amount of jewels for raising a few character’s classes, though you will want to switch to more efficient methods if you want to raise each member of the party to their full potential.

Open chests.

Chests found in various fields and dungeons you explore during main quests and side quests may also contain jewels. Upon discovering a new map, try to check each nook, and cranny to get as many jewels, money, and loot as possible.

Do side quests.

Jewels are also among the rewards you get for clearing side quests so try to clear as many of them when you can. Some optional quests also give you access to new areas with chests that contain even more jewels and items, making it even more rewarding to do them.

Tips for Farming Jewels

Use Lurk and Move Silently proficiencies while out in the field (Early Stages).

A good way to earn jewels fast during the early stages of the game is to use the Lurk and Move Silently proficiencies to avoid battles while exploring a field. These abilities can be unlocked when the party has level 0 Covert skill.

Afterwards, enter any field and start using Lurk and Move Silently to avoid being detected and heard by enemies. You will get a jewel each time you activate either skill while going around a dungeon.

Once you have depleted the proficiency points of both abilities, head back to a town. Then, unequip both proficiencies and equip them again to reset their proficiency points to full. Repeat the process until you have the number of jewels you want.