Unusual Findings Cheats and Tips


Unusual Findings Cheats and Tips


Choices Are Important

Although the game Unusual Findings is a point and click adventure game, it is very much worth noting that there are multiple choices that a player can make. These choices are going to be much more important than a player realizes at first.

Depending on what choices a player will make, there will be huge variants in how the game plays out for them. On top of this, a player will also be able to unlock certain achievements, depending on what they decided to choose during a particular section – however, it is up to the player to figure out which choices will gain what achievement.

Remember There Are Three Endings

Similarly to how a player must remember that there are all sorts of choices that will affect how the story plays out, they must remember that there are also three endings to the game as well. These are ending A, ending B, and ending C.

The choices that a player makes will be what determines what kind of ending they get. Although it is not like every single choice will lend itself toward one ending versus another, it would still make for a good habit for a player to be careful when it comes to the choices they make, lest they make a choice towards the ending they do not want.





Check All The Options

While going through the game, a player will have many options for how they want to interact with certain things, such as trying to grab something instead of just simply touching it. However, the Touch choice changing into another choice like Grab is not really something that happens too often.

As such, there are a lot of players who may end up getting stuck on puzzles, due to the fact they have to engage in the lesser used commands a few times, and as such may not be able to advance forward. A player should make sure to check all of their options while interacting with things, as it could be what is needed to solve the puzzle.

The Final Chapter Changes Based On The Player’s Choices

Similarly to how a player will get different endings based on the choices they make, they will actually be able to experience three different final chapters depending on their choices! This is mainly to lead into the ending that they got, of course, as different endings will have different build-ups.

As such, this final chapter will be one of the quickest ways for a player to figure out what ending they are going to get. After all, there is a pretty good chance that a player is not going to get ending B if they end up getting the chapter that usually correlates with, for example, ending A.