Marvel's Midnight Suns Cheats and Tips


Marvel’s Midnight Suns Cheats and Tips


1. Team composition matters

Your team composition is hugely important to succeeding in missions and emerging victorious at the end. When putting together your team of three, it’s essential that you have at least one character that can generate Heroism and another character that can use it. Heroism is a crucial resource as it allows your heroes to use some of their most powerful Heroic and Combo cards that can deal massive damage and really turn the tide of battle.

Doctor Strange and Nico Minoru are good for generating Heroism, while Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider are excellent at using it to fuel their most powerful attacks. However, you’ll also want to have some status effects in the mix too, so make sure all your characters have a good mix of cards with things like Knockback, Taunt, Mark, Bleed, and more to make life harder for your enemies and easier for your heroes – The Hunter, Blade, Iron Man, and Spider-Man are all great at applying various status effects.

2. Use environmental attacks whenever possible

Combat encounters will be filled with all sorts of objects that can be used to deliver environmental attacks or turn the tables on your enemies, ranging from launching a box at an enemy’s head to blowing up an exploding barrel. These attacks cost Heroism instead of Card Draws, so you can use them even after you’ve played all your Card Draws, so long as you have Heroism points – if you have leftover Heroism and still have your Move at the end of your turn, definitely use them to perform an environmental attack.




Many hero Attack cards also have the Knockback status effect, which you can use to launch enemies into various objects, and even other enemies, to cause extra damage. Some of these add status effects – for example, knocking an enemy into a fuse box will stun them, preventing them from acting on their turn. Doing as much as possible with your turns and seizing every opportunity is key to gaining and holding the upper hand in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, so make sure you don’t forget to use the environment to your advantage!

3. Use Card Redraws often and don’t save cards for too long

Redraws are great for getting rid of unwanted cards but you should also use them on some of your best ones. While it can be tempting to hold onto particularly powerful cards, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them, it can often be better to take a risk and use one of your two Redraws to get something else that you can use immediately or have ready for your next go. Doing something is always better than doing nothing in Midnight Suns and you have two Redraws per turn, so you may as well use them. Be brutal with the cards in your hand and swap out your favorite ones if they can’t be used effectively, or at all, on your current turn or the next.

4. Check in on activities regularly

Generally, when playing through Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’ll start a day with everyone being awake and active. Use this opportunity to check the map and Superlink to see who wants to speak to you and if you’ve got any new messages. You should then, head over to the Yard and start a sparring session to train up a hero. After this, go over to the Forge and check in on any research projects you might have started. If one has been completed, start up another one, to keep a constant stream of upgrades coming in. Also make sure you analyze any Gamma Coils for new cards, study Artifacts for resources, or decrypt Intel Caches to send heroes on Hero Ops before you start any missions.

If you do a mission or another task, you’ll be skipped ahead to night. Since everyone is unwinding and ready to go to sleep, you can’t use the Forge, the Yard, CENTRAL, or the Mirror Table, so this is your time to socialize with your team and initiate any Hangouts. Then you can go to sleep and start over on a fresh new day. Make sure you don’t neglect either day or night aspects as hanging out with your team can be just as important as sorting out upgrades.