The Callisto Protocol Cheats and Tips


The Callisto Protocol Cheats and Tips


1. Consider dropping the difficulty

I know there’s a whole thing about difficulty, getting gud and all that, but the default difficulty for Callisto Protocol is drainingly brutal. Movement speed, enemy mobs and the balance of damage you can do against what you can receive means you’ll die a lot. And not even in the ‘hard’ bits. Basic enemies can almost oneshot you for most of the game and once you’re up against two or more, it can be an absolute slog to hit the right combination of luck and choices to get through a fight.  

I finished my playthrough for The Callisto Protocol review(opens in new tab) on default difficulty and regret it. It’s just not fun a lot of the time when, no matter how carefully you prepare, you’re a couple of whacks away from death. Once I’d completed the game I restarted it on the lower setting and it’s so much more fun. It’s still challenging in places but it feels more varied, with some easier fights, some tough, you still have to think about inventory and tactics, but it loses the grinding death loop that can really kill the mood. 

2. Hold to dodge and remember to alternate

If the dodging mechanic isn’t clicking for you then stop trying to time it. There’s no ‘window’ for blocking, you just have to be holding left or right on the left stick to trigger it when an attack heads your way. That might mean you’re continually side stepping around your opponents but that’s just how the system works. The one thing to remember is to alternate – if you try to dodge the same direction twice it won’t work so get used to switching so you alternate. 




3. Use blocking sparingly to avoid damage

The dodge mechanic is a mixed blessing in Callisto. While it does reduce the damage you take from a hit, it also means you are still taking damage. With enemies that can really hurt you fast, it’s easy to die from a block if you’re not careful. So try not to make it a habit. You can upgrade it to reduce the damage you take, eventually to zero. But it will take you some time and cash to do that you’re probably better off spending on other upgrades.  


4. Go for the legs and keep things at a distance as getting mobbed will kill you

By far the best way to stay alive in Callisto Protocol is to not let anything get close. If you have the ammo shoot what you can and try to avoid anything getting near you. That’s easier said than done obviously when you can’t always see the threats and enemies can move fast. The best tactic where you can do it is to shoot out anything’s legs. Once they’re on the floor they’re reduced to a crawl and can be easily killed with a single hit. 


5. Remember to stomp all the bodies for cash and ammo

Everything you kill here will drop something when you floor stomp them. So get into the habit of finding all the bodies and stamping on them. The ammo and health you find could keep you going longer, while the cash you might find instead all adds up over time.