Need for Speed Unbound Farm Money Cheat


Need for Speed Unbound Farm Money Cheat


Complete all the events before heading back to the garage

In NFS Unbound, the player’s schedule is organized into weeks, which are then divided into days. Returning to the garage will reset all of the available events and move the calendar by a day, progressing the game’s story. However, to make sure that you’re equipped with the best cars at any point when there’s an important event in the game, make sure that you are earning as much money as you can.

To do this, you simply need to complete all of your events before heading back to the garage to end the day. This will allow you to earn as much money as you can before the calendar moves on to the next date.

Night Events are riskier – but reward more money

Days are then divided into daytime and nighttime. Night events are riskier – but they reward players with more money.

Hence, if you’re pressed for time or can’t be bothered to complete all of the events before heading back to the garage, you might as well just prioritize completing all of the night events – this way you are efficient when it comes to the amount of money you earn on a per race basis.

Let the cops chase you – and lose them

While they can sometimes be a pain in the ass, cop chases are an integral part of the Need for Speed experience, so it’s not really surprising that cop cars – along with the Heat mechanic – return in Need for Speed Unbound.

Apart from earning money from losing cop cars that chase you, it’s also a relatively easy way to earn money. Each cop car you lose on the track will earn you a quick $250, so you don’t really stand to lose much by playing with the cops a little bit. Just make sure this doesn’t take your focus away from actually winning races.

Bet against opponents you can realistically beat

Finally, you can earn more in each race you participate in by betting against opponents. However, you will only lose money if you bet against the expected winners of each race. Remember that at the start of NFS Unbound, you’ll start out with a weak car, so you have to bet wisely. After completing a couple of races, you’d get a quick feel of which adversaries you feel comfortable betting against. Then, as you move up the ladder, you’d start becoming more comfortable betting against the favorites. Use this to your advantage and you’ll be racking up money fast.