Bravery and Greed Cheats and Tips


Bravery and Greed Cheats and Tips


You Have To Lose To Win

You only get one life to lose in Bravery And Greed. So, if you lose that life, it’s game over. Fortunately, certain additions will carry over into your next playthrough. For instance, you can use any arcana you unlocked in your prior playthroughs in the next playthrough. Plus, once you unlock a new dungeon, you can start at that dungeon in the following playthroughs.

Therefore, it’s natural for you to lose a handful of times before you conquer your first dungeon. However, with experience and practice, you’ll improve during each run. And as you unlock new beneficial Arcana, like The Fool or The Magician, working through dungeons will become a sinch.

Explore As Much Of Each Dungeon As You Can

The goal of each dungeon run is to find the boss’s lair and slay them, thus acquiring one of the four ancient runes. However, rushing to find that boss’s lair is poor judgment. Instead, exploring every nook and cranny of the dungeon will stack the odds in your favor.

You’ll rake in plenty of treasures while exploring the depths of a dungeon. For instance, sometimes dungeons have shop sections where you can buy gear, potions, and food. Furthermore, defeating the monsters in each room unlocks treasure chests filled with gold and other items. Lastly, you’ll discover prayer shrines that grant combat-enhancing abilities.

Pray To The Deity That Suits Your Playstyle

One of Bravery And Greed’s most effective tools is the prayer shrine. These ritual altars allow your character to receive skill-enhancing abilities from the deity of your choice. However, once you choose your God, that is the God you will receive skills from for the rest of the game. In short, you cannot switch Gods, not even between dungeons.

Therefore, choosing a God whose abilities complement your playstyle and strategy is vital. For instance, If you are a player who rushes into battle without bothering to block or parry incoming attacks, you shouldn’t follow the defense-oriented God Of Order. Instead, you would be better off following the aggressive God Of Chaos or the health-improving God Of Life.

Use The Map To Track What’s Left To Explore

While each dungeon has unique, identifying qualities, you’ll never walk through the same dungeon twice. Part of Bravery And Greed’s appeal is that it uses randomly generated dungeon maps to keep gameplay fresh. Therefore, you cannot depend on the same path to lead you to the dungeon’s boss’s lair every time.

Considering this randomness, you’ll find plenty of value when referring to your map. First, you can open the map via the pause menu. Then, input directions while holding onto the left trigger to scroll through the map. Any areas you have traveled through will be visible.

You can also review the location of checkpoints and items via this map. The little green arrow marks your position on the map. Bright blue ovals indicate the portals you traveled through. Statues will mark landmarks like prayer shrines. In short, any points of interest are unmissable on the map.

Quick-Travel Across The Map With Portals

Suppose you approached the boss’s lair, but your map indicates you have not yet traveled to certain parts of the dungeon. In this case, you can use a portal to transport quickly across the map. There are portals throughout the dungeon map. However, you’ll always find one next to the door to the boss’s lair.

Once you travel to another portal, that portal will activate, allowing you to quickly travel to another portal or back to the portal you arrived from.