Dragon Quest Treasures Cheats and Tips


Dragon Quest Treasures Cheats and Tips


Heal your team and yourself

Healing is a pretty darn important part of most video games and that is true of Dragon Quest Treasures. Your monster squad is going to need your help recovering from any damage they take. There are a few ways to refill those HP meters of your squad. You can stop at a campfire, you can shoot your partner monsters with healing pellets, or you can be sure to bring along monsters that are capable of casting healing spells. When it comes to healing either Erik or Mia, you need to take a different approach and this can be easy to miss when it’s first explained. If you’re nowhere near a campfire and in desperate need of health, just stop what you’re doing and hold down the X button. The Dragon Daggers Erik and Mia receive at the start of the game can consume MP to heal them. You can’t heal either of the main characters with pellets or food, so if you’re in a bind, just remember to stop and hold X.

Hoard those Chimaera Wings

Chimaera Wings are a longtime staple of the Dragon Quest franchise, helping adventures get out of bind whenever they need to reach safety in a jiff. In Dragon Quest Treasures, they work as they do in the mainline games, whisking your team from the field of battle and back to their treasure base camp. If you’re ever outnumbered or your monsters are on the verge of getting knocked out and losing the treasure they’re carrying, a Chimaera Wing will get you home safely with all of your treasure intact. Just try to not be so careless with them. Chimaera Wings are surprisingly sparse in Treasures, and if you end up using your supply with reckless abandon, you might not have one on hand when you really get yourself into trouble. Instead of using a Chimaera Wing, try to always have a monster on your team with the ‘Sprint’ Forte. This will allow you to quickly travel great distances, hopefully getting you out of whatever mess you’ve gotten yourself into.

Stock up on pellets

You might be tempted to try and melee your way through this game, and while that is a possibility, you’re better off mixing in as much pellet play as you can. I started my journey through the world slicing and dicing the enemies I encountered, but by the end of it, I was playing support for my team of overpowered monsters. Obviously, you’ll want to stock up on healing pellets for your team as they can take a lot of damage in a short amount of time depending on the enemy encounter. But you should also grab as many elemental pellets as you can as they can easily strike down powerful foes.

The strength of your dagger strikes will grow as you level up Erik and Mia, but you can do a significant amount of damage right away if you have a good grasp on elemental weaknesses. And as you advance through the game, you’ll unlock new pellet types that can apply status effects to monsters in the wild, giving you options on how you approach every enemy encounter. Just be sure to stop at all the shops you find in the game as they all sell new pellet recipes that you’ll want to add to your arsenal.

Recruit like crazy

The game will make it sound like there’s limited space at your base camp in the early hours, but go ahead and recruit as many monsters as you can. First of all, you’ll be able to expand the barracks for your base camp just a few hours in. Second, you’re going to want a good variety of monsters for the squads you dispatch. Having a wide selection of monsters with different Favorite Treasures can help you achieve a higher Golden Ratio, which in turn will guarantee you better loot recovered by each of your dispatch teams.