It's Kooky Cheats and Tips


It’s Kooky Cheats and Tips



“It’s Kooky” is a puzzle game similar to “Where’s Waldo”, “I-Spy”, and other similar puzzles, where the objective is to find people and/or objects. The “It’s Kooky” game objective is to find “silly” things/objects/people that don’t belong to each respective map setting. This guide serves as a walk-through for all current maps (and achievements). I highly recommend attempting each level yourself, before reading through this guide. There are spoilers for completing each level in the game, within this guide.
Definition of “Silly” (This section is skippable)

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide
The dinosaur on the right is silly, because they cant ride unicycles.

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide
The cow in the hot air balloon is silly, because cows don’t fly in hot air balloons (typically).

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide
The jellyfish is silly, because jellyfish can’t wear boots.

Fishing Boat

This section entails the location of silly things in the Fishing boat level. There are five silly objects within this level: 

  • The Knight in shining armor on the boat deck
  • The Bear on the boat holding a fish
  • The baby in a blanket attached to the fishing-rod
  • The chick in the cup rowing behind the boat
  • The arm holding a flag from the speaker at the top of the boat

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide

Tree House

In the Tree-house level there are 5 silly things to find: 

  • The person skateboarding on the moon
  • The giraffe coming from the tree-house (left side)
  • The bird with a robe, standing on a branch
  • The llama hanging from the tire-swing (or floatie) dangling from the tree-house
  • The person hanging onto the bear’s foot, which is hanging from a swing/rope attached to a branch

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide


Within the Farm map there are 10 silly things: 

  • The sun sipping on a drink
  • The pig on the cloud
  • Two bees watering some flowers
  • A person doing yoga on a sheep
  • A sheep mowing grass with a push mower
  • A porcupine on a blade of the windmill
  • A person in overalls with a birds’ nest on their head
  • A rabbit collecting eggs from a horse’s rear end
  • A rabbit with an elf hat sticking out of a rabbit hole
  • A chicken sticking their head out of a rabbit hole

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide


In the Underwater level there are 15 silly things to find; 

  • A cow in a hot air balloon
  • A surfer wearing a gas mask while surfing
  • A butterfly next to the tip of the right pillar of the shell castle
  • A jelly fish wearing boots a bit below the butterfly (right side of the shell castle)
  • An octopus holding a balloon
  • A spider web on the shell castle left pillar
  • A frying-pan of eggs on the rock, in front of the left pillar
  • A fish with a snorkel and goggles, to the left of the diver
  • A chicken resting on the seafloor, to the left of the diver
  • The diver’s missing one of their flippers
  • The diver’s coffee mug in their left (our right) hand
  • The sunflower in a pot on the seafloor (right of the diver)
  • The Whale with the headlamp on its head
  • An animal in/on the tv, just to the right of the treasure chest.
  • The turtle on a skateboard, below the treasure chest

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide


Within the Field map, there are 15 silly things to find; 

  • There is a cat/bat hanging upside-down on a clothing rack (next to the donut stand)
  • There are two mice climbing a ladder on the donut stand
  • Directly below the donut stand, there’s a stork with a baby
  • The jack-in-the-box jumping out of a fountain (to the left of the donut stand)
  • The burger truck employee has a boot on their head
  • There is a person holding an umbrella with plants growing out of it (left of the burger truck)
  • A person riding a bike with two pieces of floating bread (below burger truck)
  • A goat/dog wearing a paper-bag over their head with a face drawn on it (bottom of the map, below a tent)
  • An old person with a unicycle cane (below the taco truck)
  • Someone with a beehive atop their head (right of the taco truck)
  • Someone pushing their baby stroller while riding a bike (above the donut stand, a bit to the left)
  • Someone chopping down a tree with a hammer (left diagonal of the person on the bike-stroller)
  • A wine bottle in a dress (to the left of the person on the bench reading a newspaper)
  • Someone riding a bicycle, which is missing the front wheel (top of the map, center-ish)
  • Two walking fruits, an orange and apple walking together (Below the plant truck, located top-leftish of the map)

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide


In the Ski level there are 20 silly things to find;

  • A yeti hiding in the trees (bottom left corner of the map)
  • A reindeer driving a snowmobile (to the right of the building “BBQ”)
  • A kid in a trashcan (next to the building “FONDUE”
  • An ostrich helping some dogs pull a sled (Below the Winterland sign)
  • Children pulling a cat/dog on a sled (above the BBQ building)
  • Knights Jousting on the ski lift
  • Olaf (snowman from Frozen) in the hot-tub (above the spa/pool)
  • A person riding a skiing camel (above Olaf)
  • A bear sticking their head through a fishing hole (left of the skiing camel)
  • A hockey player skating with roller-blades (ice rink)
  • A pineapple as the hockey puck (ice rink)
  • A turtle with an igloo shell (above ice rink)
  • Appa, A fuzzy animal from Avatar: The Last Airbender (below the ice rink)
  • A bear riding the ski lift
  • A mini snowman roasting over a fire (above the igloo turtle)
  • Someone surfing on an ironing board (below the buildings in the top left of the map)
  • People rowing a canoe (above the tent with the guitar leaning on it [top of map])
  • A para-glider on the ski-lift lines
  • Someone skiing down the mountain in a suit and holding a briefcase (right side of the map)
  • A penguin flying (top of the map, in the sky)

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide

Swimming Pool

In the Swimming Pool level there are 20 silly things; 

  • A shower above the front desk soaking the employee
  • A rotten child dumping trash into the kiddie pool
  • A child on a sailboat in the slide
  • Someone on a jet ski in the pool
  • A swimmer, swimming with a tray of food (right diagonal from jet ski)
  • A shark in the pool
  • Someone on a raft reading a book underwater
  • A dog swimming in the pool (next to the underwater reader)
  • A frog on a lili-pad in the pool
  • Someone peeking out of a hole in the side of the pool
  • A child skateboarding on a chair (bottom right corner)
  • Someone jumping off an office chair into the pool
  • Someone parachuting into the pool (next to the office chair)
  • A shark dressed like a human (next to the slide)
  • Someone carrying what looks like a javelin (near the opening to the spa/ bathroom areas)
  • Two people playing pool in the spa area
  • Someone grilling in the locker room
  • Someones reflection missing in the locker room mirror
  • Someone sticking out of a toilet in the locker room
  • Someone laying down in a locker

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide


Within the Zoo map there are 25 silly things; 

  • There’s a bird wearing a hat in a tree (next to the monkey habitat)
  • The far right monkey is enjoying an ice cream cone
  • In the hippo habitat there’s someone swimming
  • There’s a squirrel fishing (to the right of the swimmer in the hippo habitat)
  • There’s an owl hanging from a food cart’s umbrella (below the hippo habitat)
  • The Zoo sign is misspelled as “JOO”
  • A fish “swimming” in a tree (the tree to the left, diagonal of the “JOO” sign)
  • Someone and an animal riding a two seater bicycle (on the path below the “JOO” sign)
  • A mouse behind an elephant’s ear (left elephant in elephant enclosure)
  • A child with an octopus on their head (below the giraffes)
  • A giraffe wearing sunglasses (giraffe enclosure)
  • A parent walking their child on a leash, while their dog is unbound (above the Zebras)
  • A zebra with polka-dots (Zebra enclosure)
  • A child taking a shower in a canopy (above the zebra enclosure)
  • A child hiding behind a tiger (in the tiger enclosure)
  • Someone feeding a burger to a hippo (hippo habitat)
  • Someone drinking a floating beverage (to the left of the gazebo, gazebo is located above the hippo habitat)
  • A snake hanging on a tree (To the right of to the person with the floating drink)
  • A kangaroo with a lollipop (kangaroo enclosure)
  • Someone pushing a penguin around in a shopping cart (left, diagonal of the kangaroos)
  • A fish driving a car (top leftish of the map, next to the swings and kangaroos)
  • A monkey on the swings (top of map, center)
  • A dog skiing on the mountain
  • A bird sitting on top of an airplane (in the sky)
  • The random fruits in one of the trees (to the right of the cow enclosure)

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide


Within the Beach map there are 25 silly things: 

  • A toilet in the lifeguard tower
  • A child playing badminton with a bat (next to the lifeguard tower)
  • An astronaut on the beach (right of the lifeguard tower)
  • Someone sleeping in a bed next to the lighthouse
  • A mermaid on the mini island of rocks (next to the lighthouse)
  • Someone rowing their kayak with a trident (below the lighthouse)
  • A bear lying on its back in the ocean/lake
  • A cat surfing a wave
  • Someone with a parachute being pulled by a speed boat (they’re upside down) (bottom right of map)
  • Someone lifting weights underwater (under the speed boat)
  • A b-day cake underwater (next to the squid)
  • An underwater palm tree (next to the sunken boat, under the lighthouse)
  • A bird taking a selfie with a selfie stick (along the shoreline to the right of the astronaut/ life guard tower)
  • Someone sailing in the sand
  • Someone vacuuming the beach (next to the badminton net)
  • A lizard sunbathing on a beach towel (right diagonal from the life guard tower)
  • Someone bathing in a bathtub on the beach (right, up diagonal from the lizard)
  • Someone riding a horse in the sand (below the swing set, left side of map)
  • Someone getting ready to eat a porcupine (below food truck)
  • A seal coming out of a sewage drain (on bike path, left side (right of the cyclist)).
  • Someone in a flamingo float being pulled by a car (road)
  • An elephant sticking their head out of a house window (top right of the map)
  • A bird wearing clothing (next to the lighthouse)
  • A kid standing on a kayak with an animal in their arms (below the rock island)
  • A seal in the palm tree (above the couple sitting by the shoreline, they are to the right of the “selfie bird”)

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide

Doll House

Within the Doll House level there are 25 silly things: 

  • A witch flying on a broom (above the main “apartment building”)
  • A clock in one of the attics (numbers are in the wrong place on the clock)
  • Someone sleeping in their bed on one of the roofs
  • A diver about to dive from a diving board (sticking out of the window)
  • A dresser with silverware hanging from it (below diver)
  • A baby in a cage (far right side building, under the floor with instruments in it)
  • Baby in the oven (below the baby in a cage)
  • An apple in a light bulb socket (same room as the baby in the oven)
  • A cloud raining on someone holding an umbrella in the building (right of the “baby-oven” room)
  • A child surfing a wave in a bathtub (the room below the “baby-oven” room)
  • Silverware drying from a clothing line (same room as the tub surfer)
  • A boxer punching a large fish (next to the silverware drying from the clothing rack)
  • A skeleton with a dog biting their leg (in the room, to the left of the tub surfer)
  • Someone trying to cut a cake with a chainsaw (the birthday party room)
  • Someone in a casket, in their living room / den (3-4ish floors below the silly clock)
  • An alligator / crocodile taking a shower (bathroom on the far left side of the building)
  • Some bald person looking at a reflection of themselves that has a full head of hair (same bathroom as the croc/gator)
  • Somebody’s pet fish on their stove (a fish in a fishbowl on a stove in the room below the showering croc/gator)
  • A broom in the fridge (same room as the roasting fish)
  • A unicorn in the park (left side)
  • A child flying a weight, like a kite (next to the tic-tac-toe board and hopscotch games)
  • Someone proposing for marriage with a mouse instead of a ring (at the park opening)
  • Three birds wearing headphones while sitting on the park wall
  • Someone walking their pet snail on the sidewalk
  • A bird skiing down a slide (far right side of the park)

It's Kooky Ultimate Completion Guide