Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator Cheats and Tips


Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator Cheats and Tips


There Is No Time Limit

Possibly the nicest feature of Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is that it moves at the speed the player wants it to. Customers will happily wait all day whilst you figure out the recipe for their required potion. Likewise, there is no clock that advances you throughout the day and forces you to rush before you have to close up the shop.

This is particularly helpful when a customer asks you for a certain potion that you’ve not created yet. As long as the customers are served, they’ll pay you.

There Is Some Roleplay When Serving Customers

Depending on the circumstances, you can choose to not serve a customer. This may happen because you suspect one of them is an assassin and they won’t be using poison for mere pest control. Refusing them service can boost your reputation with other customers because of your good deeds, or you can go the other way and only serve customers with ulterior motives, thus earning a negative reputation.

This adds a slight roleplay element to the game, and the developers may well add more depth to this concept in the future.

You Should Expand Your Map Sight

The map you explore to create new potions contains more than just their effects. It also harbors experience points for you to pick up, various whirlpools that can suck the potion in when the bellows are used, and certain danger zones where the potion can fail if it wanders too far into them.

As such, it can help to spend some early skill points to give yourself a wider view of the map. That way, you can plan ahead with greater ease and avoid wasting ingredients.

You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Experiment With The Ingredients

There’s a wide range of ingredients to choose from, from simple herbs to gemstones. Their alchemy paths are clearly visible (depicted by a dotted line and an “X” where the path ends), and when ground up, their paths expand further.

Rarer ingredients (such as mushrooms and gems) tend to go further with more complex pathways, and unlike other fantasy games like The Witcher 3, they’re not too difficult to replace here. Merchants will visit the shop every day, so don’t be afraid to see how each potion ingredient works.

Stronger Potions Sell For More Money

There are three strengths for potions: weak, standard and strong. A potion becomes stronger the more accurately you align the bottle icon within the effect’s outline on the map. This is important to know because stronger potions sell for much higher prices than weaker ones, which is a real benefit in the early game.

However, in order to create a strong potion, you have to be exactly within the boundary. Even a slight deviation will revert it to standard strength, so make good use of the diffuser and be gentle when stirring.

You Can Haggle, So Buy Cheap and Sell High Wherever Possible

This may seem obvious, but it’s still useful to keep in mind. As merchants come and offer their wares, some of them will have certain items at a discount (represented by a green arrow pointing downwards). Given how expensive some of the rarer ingredients can be, it helps to purchase them at a discount whenever you can.

Also, make use of the haggling mechanic to try and minimize your own spending whilst selling at higher prices. It can be fiddly at first, but will prove to be very useful once you’ve got the hang of it.