Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Cheats and Tips


Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Cheats and Tips


Movement Tips

There are a few things that the game does not tell you about Lenneth’s abilities in the field, specifically relating to movement and her crystal energy ability.

  • The first is that Lenneth has a sliding dash – to perform this, hold down to make Lenneth crouch, and then hit Circle to make her slide in the direction she’s facing. This can be used to bypass some dungeon sections, and in some areas it’s necessary.
  • Jumping off of ladders can be quite finicky – a good way to make sure you have a good amount of momentum behind your jumps is to press the jump button and the direction you want to jump at the same time. Once you have the timing down, you’ll never perform those limp, annoying jumps ever again.
  • There is at least one dungeon with horizontal ladders that you must hang from – to attach to them, you just have to jump up to it and press the up button to cling on.
  • As far as magic crystals go, it’s helpful to know that you can hit a crystal with another projectile to turn it into a slightly larger crystal. This will give you taller platforms to work with. Hitting a larger crystal with another projectile will destroy it without leaving behind shards.


Einherjar Transfer Tips

In every chapter of the game, Freya will task you with sending up one of your recruited Einherjar to Valhalla, with a list of requirements. It is well worth sending at least one Einherjar to Valhalla per chapter – you’ll get lots of Materialize Points (your main currency) and some artifacts based on the quality of the character you send.

Tip: While Freya doesn’t tell you this, the first chapter’s requirements are any hero with at least 40 Hero Value. Do not send Llewelyn – a future chapter will require an Archer and there is no guarantee that you’ll get another Archer in the meantime, making Llewelyn your only option. Send Belenus or Jelanda instead.

Some chapters will ask for combinations of abilities that may be functionally impossible to meet thank to your current roster of Einherjar. In these cases, do not be tempted to send up multiple characters – a maximum of two per chapter. There are two reasons for this:

  • Sending up more heroes means you’ll have fewer warriors to work with – once they’re sent up, they’re useless to you and you cannot get them back.
  • Getting the best ending (on Hard mode only) requires that you have a low Seal Rating. Sending up more warriors will increase this, making the Seal Rating requirement hard to achieve.

Try to meet as many of the requirements as possible and you’ll still be evaluated positively and get good rewards. Remember that the equipment you send up with the character will contribute to their Hero Value.

Be very careful when sending a warrior! All the equipment that they take with them will be lost forever! Unequip important items before sending them.

Artifacts And When To Transfer Them

Whenever you complete a dungeon by defeating the boss at the end of it, you will be presented with some treasure chests – usually right in front of you, sometimes a little way away.

When you open these chests, you’ll be prompted to choose whether or not you send the artifacts within up to Odin or not, with a warning that you will be evaluated negatively for keeping the artifact.

There is no reason not to keep every single artifact for yourself! As long as you transfer one character to Odin per chapter with a decent Hero Value and good stats, you’ll have more than enough Evaluation to survive. Even the seemingly useless artifacts can eventually be transmuted into something useful once you unlock better methods of Transmutation!