Path to Nowhere Cheats and Tips


Path to Nowhere Cheats and Tips



Like with other tower defense games, each unit has an attack range. Although this game is grid-based, each Sinner’s range is very clearly defined. When you’re attempting to place them on the field, their range will be clearly visible. You can use this to your advantage based on the layout of the level to ensure enemies are always receiving max damage. This is particularly important when placing defensive units as they can be limited to just where they’re placed. Also, melee units are able to hit through barriers so don’t worry about blocking them.


Despite being the Chief and able to move Sinners around instantly, your power is not limitless. At the top of the level screen, there is a counter that shows the number of moves you’re given for the level. As waves get more dangerous and hectic, you’ll be tempted to move units around to respond. Unfortunately, you can’t do this freely and every position you change eats into your moves. When you run out, you’ll be stuck with your Sinners’ current positions. Always reserve moves for the final wave. If you enter a level and see that you’ve been given a lot of moves, brace yourself for a tricky fight and be prepared to move units around as needed to attack stronger foes or get wounded Sinners out of danger.


As you play through the intro stages, you’ll unlock new overworld features and new mechanics. One of the more useful and powerful is “Potestas”, which are essentially your personal Chief powers. The Potesta screen will show a range of abilities that have a variety of effects ranging from dealing direct damage to enemies to helping your Sinners recover stamina. The Potestas can be very strong, but you can only take one into battle. Before you decide which, take a look at the layout, the coverage that your Sinner team has, their team make-up, and the type of enemies you can expect. These will help you determine which power will help you cover weak spots in your strategy.


Many of the enemies you encounter move quite slowly, which gives you time to assess and brace for impact. The biggest threats among them are enemies with Cores. These enemies are generally slower, larger, stronger, and more resilient. Their Cores are marked by bright orange diamonds that appear by their health bars with some of these enemies having more than one. Until these Cores are broken, these enemies will not take significant damage or be deterred. Luckily, there are Sinners with Ultimate abilities that are tailor-made to break Cores and there are even Potestas that can do that as well. Once the Cores are broken, these enemies enter a Break state where they fall and take more damage. These enemies show up at inopportune times, so don’t waste Core breaking moves until you deal with them.