Hello Neighbor 2 Cheats and Tips


Hello Neighbor 2 Cheats and Tips


Keep Your Crowbar

During the tutorial, you’ll pick up a crowbar to smash through a glass window and retrieve one of the three cogs needed to escape the barn. If you pick the crowbar back up before you open the door and carry it out with you, it will spawn in your inventory at the start of Level One.

Tip: Alternatively, you can pry the nearby box open to reveal a pile of rocks. These will also break the glass.

This will be incredibly helpful and allow you to complete objectives early. In case you forgot to pick it back up, don’t worry; there is another crowbar in the blue house you’ll be exploring, which can be found in the secret room, along with the doll of the little boy needed to complete the dollhouse puzzle.

Watch How Noisy You Are

Every noise you make risks alerting your pursuer to your location. Watch out for stepping on squeaky toys on the floor, heavy items you throw around, or puzzles with loud mechanisms like the race-car puzzle. If you make a noise, quickly head to the nearest empty wardrobe and hide.

Remember, you can also climb up on top of furniture to stay out of sight if there are no wardrobes around, and you can even hide behind other furniture to break the line of sight!

Listen Out For The Pursuer

If you take a few moments at the start of each level to listen to your pursuer, you will notice patterns in their voice lines (if any) or movements. They will usually patrol a specific path or carry out a set of actions in order, and these are only disturbed if you make noise to draw their attention.

Pay attention to any changes in their voices or any creaking on their stairs; these might be your only cues before you’re barged in on by a very disgruntled neighbor.

Pay Attention To Lights And Visual Signposts

Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself confused as to your next moves. There is little to point you in the right direction, but you should pay attention to things like lighting, drawings, or other clues to help you find your way.

The semi-open world layout can be a bit disarming; it might take quite a bit of walking to get your bearings. But if you keep an eye out for open doors, bright colors, or heavily-lit pathways, you should find your way around in no time.

Explore Other Houses

In Hello Neighbor 2, you don’t just have the blue house to worry about. Your travels will take you all over the town, from the Bakery to the grand palatial house next to your own. You’ll even find some very useful tools hiding in a few of them; the pair of scissors you need for Level One can be found in the blue tree house, for example, which is just across the road from the house you’re trying to explore.

Take time to explore all the houses and look for open doors or other people, signifying it might be worth checking out.